Devilfish on at EPT Grand Final; Hellmuth cranky

David Ulliott

David "Devilfish" Ulliott and Phil "the Poker Brat" Hellmuth are holding court on Day 1b of the European Poker Tour's Grand Final in Monte Carlo.

Ulliot has made it known you "shan't go to war with the fish if you're not playing poker" and Hellmuth has informed the table his plan of attack is to wait for people to get confused.

So, it's just another average day in the poker world, then.

Officially, it's known as Day 1b of the EPT's Grand Final, and a number of world-class poker pros have touched down to play, includingJonathan Little, Andy Black and Gus Hansen.'s Owen Laukkanen - sockless, and fittingly attired in a turquoise linen suit and wicker sandals - has careened his way down the Mediterranean coast in a roofless Le Car, feathering his hair the old fashioned way, to bring you the action.

His hand recaps, photos and ingeniousanalysis are streaming away in the Live Tournaments Section and will continue to until a champion has been crowned over the weekend.

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