Devilfish headlining CAP Spring Break

David Ulliott

The Casino Affiliate Program Spring Break conference is heading to Europe this year and bringing David Ulliott along as its keynote speaker.

David Ulliott brings to the conference several years' worth of poker-playing experience. He learned to play cards as a young child and is one of the few players to have both a World Poker Tour and a World Series of Poker event win on his resume.

The result of his poker career so far is more than $5 million in tournament winnings. But poker isn't the only talent he has to offer the conference. He also has stand-up comedy and musical entertainment experience, which could make for a very interesting presentation.

"I never thought I'd see the day where I was a keynote speaker," Ulliott said in a press release. "I'll have to get cracking on my speech writing now!"

The CAP Spring Break is planned May 21-24 at the Grand Resort Limassol, Cyprus. The event will include:

  • Four sponsored parties at the hottest clubs in Cyprus
  • Sponsored activities ranging from golf to horse riding
  • In-depth roundtable discussions between operators and affiliates
  • Relaxed networking dinners and lunches
  • A three-day version of the Affiliate Series of Poker

This is the CAP Spring Break's sixth year, and each year hundreds of people from the affiliate industry attend the events sponsored by leading Internet gaming properties. This event not only seeks to educate and influence the industry, but also grows affiliate relationships via friendly networking.

The CAP Spring Break also falls directly after the first-ever Poker Affiliate Conference and Expo taking place at the same location May 19-21.

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