Dental+Suite: High-End, High-Speed Dental Care for Poker Players

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For a lot of people, travelling to interesting destinations and playing cards for a living sounds like a dream lifestyle.

Within Europe alone you can find dozens of great poker tournament options at all bankroll levels.

From 888Live up North in London and Tallinn to the PokerListings Battle of Malta to EPT events from Barcelona to Dublin all the way East to the WSOPC in Tbilisi, Georgia.

But being on the road all year can take its toll on your health. Spending that much time on the road also means that certain routines are more difficult to deal with.

Like regular visits to the dentist, for example.

Dental Service that Deals Directly to Poker Players

In that light Belgian poker pro Pierre Neuville and German dentist Jochem Heibach have started a new project to help poker players with dental issues in record time.

Neuville1 2
After 20 years, Neuville found relief.

Neuville is a player who spends countless weeks in hotels every year, and he’s also a man who’s had dental problems for decades – until last February, that is.

During EPT Dublin Neuville got in contact with Heibach, a certified implantologist, who has been in the profession for over 25 years.

Heibach told Neuville he could help him within a few days, no matter what the problem was. Heibach’s practice is right at Cologne airport and he’s been offering a special program to cater for patients with limited time on their hands for many years.

It's a program that includes not only fast and efficient treatment but also bookings for flights and hotels as well as pick-up. 

Also a poker enthusiast, Heibach kept his word and, to the delight of Neuville, an idea was born.

“We wanted to create something to help people in poker," Neuville says, "as well as stars, businessmen and athletes -- the entire traveling VIP community.

"All have two things in common: a lack of time and a desire for excellence.

“Dr. Heimbach has a qualified team of 60 professionals, from specialized dentists to certified technicians, to take care of poker players' needs year round.”


During the recent EPT Grand Final in Monaco Neuville and Heibach announced the idea had become reality and Dental+Suite for poker players was now in place.

neuville heimbach 1
Neuville and Heimbach at EPT Monaco

PokerListings met up with Dr. Heibach in Monaco, where he played live for the first time in a charity event. He explained how the idea works.

Jochem Heibach: When Pierre called me in February I told him to come to Cologne and I would pick him up Sunday evening.

I immediately took the chance to invite him to my home game and said, in return, we’d pay for his hotel. He appreciated the offer gratefully.

Pierre’s issues were serious but I pride myself in having very good equipment and so much experience that I can deal with pretty much everything.

PL: So, what does this look like in practice? Let’s say I’m a player and a part of one of my teeth has come off. What do I do?

JH: To use the Dental Suite you send an email to [Pierre Neuville’s wife] Claudine. She will set you up with a flight to Cologne and book your hotel if necessary.

claudine heimbach neuville1
Whatever the issue, it can be fixed.

I will take care of the problem straight after you arrive. Often enough, a hotel won’t be necessary and you’ll be able to fly home the same day.

PL: But then you don’t really know how serious my problem is.

JH: If it’s only part of a tooth, I know. Also, we have top-notch equipment. For example, we don’t take impressions anymore.

We film in 3-D and we have a lab next door with CAD/CAM technology, so we can produce a new tooth, bridge or whatever is necessary within an hour or two.

Even if we would have to deal with a toothless mouth, we’d be able to produce implants within hours so I can always guarantee new, permanent teeth.

PL: And how long would I have to wait from my first email until I can get an appointment?

JH: You’ll be in our practice the next day.

Pierre Neuville

PL: That sounds almost like an emergency room service.

JH: Theoretically, yes. But if you just lose a filling, for example, you don’t need to fly to Cologne. You can get help everywhere. But if you’re looking for a higher level of treatment, we can deal with it, and very fast.

PL: Most players don’t live in Germany. How can I get my insurance to cover the costs?

JH: Of course, every service costs money. We are offering something and that comes with a price.

However, if you are insured for that kind of treatment, your insurance should cover the expenses necessary.

PL: Are you offering your services on a global scale?

JH: You could say that, but Cologne really is in the heart of Europe so it’s mostly directed at Europeans.

A lot of our international patients are from England and Switzerland but there are also people from the Ukraine, Russia and Arab countries who’re looking for top-level treatment.

PL: How many poker players do you expect to use this service?

Philippe Ktorza
Ktorza onboard.

JH: I really have no idea. Poker is fascinating for me, and it brought me to Monaco and might bring me to Las Vegas or Barcelona.

If no players take the offer, I’ve still had a great experience; if they do use our service, they’ll have a great experience.


To promote Dental+Suite on the poker stages of the world there’s now also a team of players wearing their patches.

It seems like the idea is catching on as the latest addition to this team is Philippe Ktorza, highly respected in the French poker community and a very experienced player on the global circuit.

According to Neuville there are about 20 players who would like to get a spot in his team, but no further decisions have been made yet.

If you’re interested in using the Dental Suite services, send an email to Claudine Neuville at poker-team (@) or call +44 78 33998795.

To take a look at the dental+suite practices visit (German).

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