Dehkharghani Denies Mercier Back-to-Back Bracelets, Big Side Bets

Jason Mercier 1
Mercier won $168,936 for second-place but missed out on way more in side bets.

Jason Mercier was poised to win bracelets in back-to-back WSOP events but finished second to Ray Dehkharghani in tonight's $10k Razz finale.

Dehkharghani won his first WSOP bracelet and the $273,338 first-place prize.

Mercier took down $168,936 for second but missed out on much more than that in side bets he had on himself winning two bracelets.

“Pretty disappointed,” said Mercier moments after the match ended.

“I don't feel like there's too much I could have done heads-up. He played very well and it just wasn't meant to be.”

Two nights ago Mercier went directly from winning his fourth career WSOP bracelet to register the $10k Razz event.

He finished the night with an above-average stack and on Day 2 fought his way to a chip lead at today's final table.

Jason Mercier 2
“It's almost impossible to win three when you get a second-place."

The real drama surrounded a number of big side bets Mercier had made on himself winning two or even three bracelets at this WSOP.

In his exit interview Mercier implied those bets would have been worth somewhere in the neighborhood of half a million dollars had he won tonight.

Mercier thinks the miss also seriously hurts his chances of winning three bracelets and collecting on the massive $1.8 million bet he made with Vanessa Selbst.

“It's almost impossible to win three when you get a second-place because that means you're going to have to get heads-up four times,” he explained.

“But I can't be too disappointed in getting heads-up for a bracelet.”

Beef with Selbst “Pretty Much Squashed”

Twitter was on fire over the last couple days as Mercier and Selbst publicly debated whether their bet was legitimate and whether it was fair for Mercier to hold Selbst accountable.

Selbst argued she had been drunk when the bet was made, and implied that friends should let friends out of big bets like this.

Mercier opted not to comment on it but said that his understanding is that Selbst has sold off most of the action.

Ray Dehkharghani
Ray Dehkharghani wins his first WSOP bracelet.

“I don't really want to comment publicly on what happened between me and Vanessa,” said Mercier.

“We have different views on prop-betting I guess and what exactly happens between friends.

“It's pretty much squashed I think,” he said. “I guess if I win three I'll be getting paid from someone else.”

Mercier said that the drama isn't really a distraction but knowing he has so much riding on the win was definitely on his mind.

“It doesn't effect me from the standpoint of pressure but it is a little daunting when the difference between first and second is $100,000 but for me it's five or six-hundred thousand or whatever it is,” he said.

“I think it just makes me more focused to try to take down the title.”

Mercier is looking ahead to more big buy-in, small-field events including the $25k PLO, the $50k Players Championship and the $111k One Drop High Roller.

“There's tons of huge buy-in, small field events that are good chances to win so if I can get myself to a couple more final tables who knows what'll happen.”

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