Defending champ runs deep again in WSOP Main Event

Peter Eastgate
"I wasn't even expecting to make the money so to get in the top few hundred is amazing."

In November of 2008 Peter Eastgate became the youngest player to win the WSOP Main Event. This year he's got a shot at doing it all over again.

Having been signed to Team PokerStars Pro, like so many world champions before him, Eastgate has had plenty of time to work on his tournament game in the last eight months.

It seems to be paying off as he's now sitting with an average stack going into Day 6 of the Main Event.

"I wasn't even expecting to make the money so to get in the top few hundred is amazing," said Eastgate as play ended this evening.

Despite exceeding his expectations the Danish pro has his sights set squarely on the final table.

"At this point it's really important to go even deeper so if I bust out tomorrow I am going to be disappointed," he said.

Since the explosion of poker's popularity on television no one has been in the same position as Eastgate, should he make the final table again.

Players around the world have had the opportunity to watch him play on ESPN's WSOP broadcast as well as the hugely popular High Stakes Poker.

"High Stakes Poker shows a lot more about my game than the Main Event broadcast from last year," explained Eastgate.

"ESPN shows so few hands and usually I was holding the nuts in those hands. No one saw any of the moves, the big bluffs, calls and folds," he continued.

Eastgate's victory last year has made his career in poker and it's created another interesting dynamic that may come into play late in this year's Main Event.

"If I can convert my experience from last year into something positive it's definitely going to be to my advantage," said Eastgate.

"It's going to be very psychological and very interesting if I go really deep because everyone knows how important it would be to me to make the final table again, and they will be able to take advantage of that."

There's no question that Peter Eastgate has what it takes to become the next back-to-back world champion but he's realistic about his chances, and how things might play out in the next three days.

"As a poker player I have to focus on the decisions I make. That's all I can do," he emphasized.

You can follow Eastgate's progress and all the action from the 2009 WSOP Main Event via our live updates.

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