'A deck of cards, two idiots and a lot of alcohol'

Gavin Smith

And that about says it all for the latest episode of Gavin Smith and Joe Sebok's always entertaining Prop Bets. Finally leveling the playing field for the seemingly hapless Smith, they got down to basics this week: A deck of cards and some oversize cocktails in Smith's kitchen.

Known as the "The Stupid Show," RawVegas.tv's Prop Bets generally lives up to its billing.

Take Gavin Smith. Take Joe Sebok. Get them a little wasted, have them make a stupid bet. Watch hilarity ensue.

And, usually: Watch Gavin Smith lose his money. Or a chunk of his flesh.

Among the prop bets they've filmed so far: Who can last longer in the ring against female Muay Thai fighters? Who can last longer in the L.A. Poker Classic? Who can eat more fajitas?

And, of course, last week's playground classic: Who can win a staring contest?

Smith's wins to date: Zero. None. Not even the staring contest.

And while they may well be running dry for show ideas, with their latest episode they did finally find a prop bet Smith could win - cutting a deck of cards.

Put a deck of cards on the counter. Take turns cutting it. High card wins. Or as Sebok called the challenge, "A deck of cards, two idiots and a lot of alcohol."

Or now, officially, Smith's recipe for success.

Buoyed with the giant cocktails, the home-court advantage and likely the world's only canary-yellow short-sleeve mock turtleneck, Smith finally went on a tear, handily downing Sebok 10-3 for his first win in the series and a modest $2,000 in payback cash.

To catch the latest episode, visit RawVegas.tv.

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