Day 9: Nobles, Gold, Laak and Brenes

Dmitri Nobles

The only event running with any news to report as of 1 p.m. Saturday was the $2,500 NLHE Event 13. Dmitri Nobles got himself involved in a four-way pot early in the day.

Dmitri Nobles

After a pre-flop raise, four players saw the flop:

J 8 6

After everyone called the first player's bet of $275, the turn brought the 9. It got checked to Nobles, who bet $775, which was called by two players.

The river brought the A for a board of J 8 6 9 A.

Everyone checked the river, Nobles turning over 7 5 for a straight to win a big early pot.

Jamie Gold

It looks like Gold was doing exactly what he does best again. After raising with A K in one of the first rounds of play, Gold slow-played the flop of A Q#9S. When the A came on the turn, Gold pushed his $3,000 stack and talked his opponent into calling off all of his own chips with A 8.

Phil Laak and Humberto Brenes

Brenes managed to take about half of Laak's stack after flopping a set of threes. Phil never showed his hand, but judging by the unconnected board of Q 3 7 8 2, chances are it was a strong top pair or two.

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