Day 10: And the winners are …

Winning a World Series of Poker event means a big payout and new jewelry for players, but this year there's one more perk for former winners.

For the first time ever, all Greg Mueller 1,000,000 2 Thomas Roupe 1,000,000 3 Philip Tom 1,000,000 4 Leo Wolpert 1,000,000 5 Timothy West 1,000,000 6 Sirous Jamshidi 1,000,000

Mueller made two final tables in 2007, and came as close to winning as second place in Event 1 in 2007. He has cashed once already this year, but he's still on the hunt for a bracelet.

The final table shuffles up and deals at 2 p.m. today.

Event 12

For the second time this year, an event is going into its final day with double the number of players planned. The $1,500 Limit Hold'em event had to stop play on Saturday with 18 players rather than the final table of nine.

The bigger story, however, is that Vinny Vinh has shown up for the first two days of play with the result of having the chip lead when today's action begins. Last year he managed to cash in two events without even showing up for the second day for each of them.

He's certainly in the money in this event, and could be on his way to redeeming himself for last year's drama. But there are plenty of other players who would be happy to knock him out and take the title for themselves, including Erick Lindgren.

Lindgren is sitting second in the chip count and could be on his way to a second bracelet win in this series.

Today's playing field and their chip counts are:

  Name Chip count
1 Vinny Vinh $335,000
2 Erick Lindgren $244,000
3 Brendan Taylor $240,000
4 Ali Eslami $208,000
5 Steven Shkolnik $199,000
6 Joseph Sanders $173,000
7 Christoph Niesert $173,000
8 Zac Fellows $164,000
9 John O'Brien $163,000
10 Jimmy Shultz $161,000
11 Golser Markus $135,000
12 Nguyen Duc $115,000
13 Chung Law $110,000
14 Zachary Henderson $98,000
15 Eric Pratt $48,000
16 Teddy Monroe $40,000
17 Steve Foutty $21,000
18 Arash Beral $14,000

Play in Event 12 resumes at 2 p.m.

Events 13 and 14 will also continue today while Event 15 got its start at noon and Event 16 kicks off at 5 p.m. Check out all the action in the PokerListings Live Tournaments section.

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