David Sklansky to advise PokerTek

David Sklansky
A man who certainly knows his poker.

David Sklansky is well-known for his books and advice for poker players, and now he'll be putting some of that poker authority to work as a poker consultant for PokerTek Inc.

PokerTek is the maker of PokerPro and Heads-Up dealerless poker tables that are used in casinos and other establishments around the world. Sklansky will join the company to offer his industry expertise and guidance to further enhance the PokerPro casino product.

"I believe this product is truly changing the game," Sklansky said. "When I look at this platform, [with its] functionality and player benefits, I can't help but see the possibilities. There is just so much you can do with this technology that is simply not possible at a manual table."

PokerPro is a fully automated, dealerless poker table that has a screen at each seat on which the players' electronic cards are dealt and where their digital chips are displayed as well.

PokerTek has claimed in the past that the tables allow for casinos to add more poker without having to hire more dealers, and the tables offer faster play as well, which translates to higher earnings off the tables.

"PokerTek has already ensured that the fundamentals are there. You can play all of the variations of the most popular games, and it's working in poker rooms around the world," Sklansky said.

"With PokerPro, we can give serious poker players new features that will make the world's greatest card game even better."

Sklansky is a professional poker player with three PokerTek approved in Indiana

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