David Singer wins the 2007 Caesars Palace Classic

David Singer
David Singer - 2007 Caesars Palace Classic champion.

David Singer made his way through a star-studded final table to win the 2007 Caesars Palace Classic and $1 million in prize money.

Singer's opponents on the final day of the $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em tournament at Caesars Palace included top players such as Kido Pham, Scott Fischman, Justin Bonomo and Alex Bolotin .

When the final-table action started, Singer was in the middle of the field with $304,000 in his stack, compared to chip leader Pham who sat with $913,000 in front of him.

Singer built up his stack methodically, but wasn't responsible for any eliminations until he busted Scott Fischman in third place, in a spectacular hand.

The betting had been hard on all streets, and finally the players were all-in with the board showing Kd-6c-5c-Ad-5h. Fischman flipped over Ac-8c for top pair and a busted flush draw, but was beaten by Singer who showed As-6d for two pair.

After that huge pot, Singer had a solid lead going into the heads-up match against Pham, but the final duel turned out to be extremely tough, lasting more than two hours with over 100 hands played.

There was, however, not a single double-up or all-in situation until Singer eliminated Pham on a bad beat in the very last hand of the Classic.

Pham moved all-in pre-flop holding K-K, and Singer called with A-9. Singer caught a straight on the river to win the title and $1 million. Runner-up Pham received $480,167 for his efforts.

Final-table results from the 2007 Caesars Palace Classic:

Place Name Country Prize
1st David Singer United States $1 million
2nd Kido Pham United States $480,167
3rd Scott Fischman United States $245,540
4th Tony Cousineau United States $190,976
5th Justin Bonomo United States $163,693
6th Alex Bolotin United States $136,411
7th Jose Valdes United States $109,129
8th George Unich United States $81,847
9th Vivek Rajkumar United States $54,564

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