Daniel Negreanu’s Dramatic Final Day at the 2015 WSOP (Photos)

31 July 2015, Created By: Arthur Crowson
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Daniel Negreanu’s Dramatic Final Day at the 2015 WSOP (Photos)

It was the river card heard ‘round the poker world.

A fateful queen of hearts completed a straight for the unheralded Joe McKeehen and ended poker icon Daniel Negreanu’s incredible run in the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Negreanu, who missed making the November Nine by just two eliminations, collapsed to the floor out of shock.

ESPN, Caesars, poker media members and poker fans everywhere were left wondering what might have been.

It was a one-of-a-kind journey for the game’s most popular player (Phil Ivey might have an argument in 2009).

This year the buzz around the tournament was taken to another level and, at long last, it looked like the November Nine concept was going to pay off in spades.

It wasn’t to be.

PokerListings was on hand every second of the World Series of Poker Main Event playdown and had our camera lenses pointed directly at Negreanu for the majority of the day.

Here’s a collection of photos from one of the most memorable days in the history of the WSOP.

Photos by Arthur Crowson, Matthew Showell and Alcanthang.

IMG 66
Daniel Negreanu brought his A-game to the final day of the WSOP this summer.
IMG 68
It was standing room only in WSOP's mothership area.
IMG 71
Justin Schwartz and Negreanu made a $100k bet before Main Event then made the top 20.
IMG 79
Interestingly Negreanu finished 11th in the 2001 WSOP Main Event.
IMG 70
Negreanu trying to pick up a read.
IMG 72
Negreanu chatted with fellow old-school pros Mike Matusow and Erick Lindgren frequently.
IMG 75
There was a TINY bit of pressure on Negreanu.
IMG 76
The Negreanu-less outer tables on Day 7.
IMG 73
Poker media and fans were sweating Negreanu all day.
IMG 84
Negreanu sweating an eventual double up with pocket fours.
IMG 74
Negreanu informing the audience he had pocket fours.
IMG 77
Negreanu scores a double up with pocket fours.
IMG 69
Negreanu gets some relief.
IMG 82
Joe McKeehen and Negreanu facing off again.


IMG 80
Eventual N9 chip leader Joe McKeehen was a thorn in Negreanu's side all day.
IMG 78
Negreanu making a painful laydown to Joe McKeehen with AK.
IMG 83
A stunned Justin "Stealthmunk" Schwartz after busting set over set.


IMG 81
Negreanu's final hand. Joe McKeehen had Jd3d for a ton of outs.
IMG 90
Negreanu waits anxiously for the river.
IMG 87
The river card hits like a ton of bricks.
IMG 85
Negreanu would later say his knees gave out at this exact moment.
IMG 86
Negreanu falling.
IMG 88
Negreanu was literally and figuratively floored.
IMG 89
Negreanu shook all his opponent's hands before leaving.
IMG 91
Negreanu does his exit interview with Kara Scott
IMG 92
On the bright side these guys were OK with Negreanu busting.

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Ch Sardar 2015-08-01 01:57:39

Being a big fan of Daniel I love the way he ends the games. Throughout the game He is able to control the nerves and let others not judge him.
But in this game he fell down and got busted. I m Feeling low after seeing this actually.
I am going to post this whole scene on my blog here as well.

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