Danes to get Swede revenge at Pacific Poker

Gus Hansen
Will Gus Hansen stand up for Denmark at Pacific Poker?

When Denmark recently took on neighbours Sweden in an important soccer game it ended in chaos and tragedy for the home nation. Now the Danes have the chance to settle the score in Pacific Poker's Battle of Scandinavia.

The Battle of Scandinavia final will take place this Sunday at 9 p.m. (CET) at Pacific Poker. Five players from Denmark and five players from Sweden will battle it out in this very prestigious poker tournament.

If a Dane wins the tournament, all Danes in the starting field gets $300 while the Swedes have to settle for $100, and vice versa.

Pacific Poker players have the chance to qualify to the Battle of Scandinavia through satellites which are exclusive for players from respective country. These satellites have a $1 buy-in and will be played on Saturday at 9 p.m. (CET).

The aforementioned soccer game was played Saturday June 2 in Copenhagen, and was a qualifier to the 2008 European Soccer Championships. The Danish team had just completed an amazing comeback and equalized Sweden's 3-0 when all the drama started:

A Danish player hit one of his opponents in the chest area, and was sent off the pitch. Sweden was also awarded a penalty kick, and this caused one of the Danish supporters to storm down from the stands and try to attack the referee.

The referee stopped the game and Sweden was eventually declared 3-0 winners by the European football association UEFA.

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