Dane wins big Paradise Poker event

Paradise Poker's Slaget om Norden III reached its conclusion Thursday, and in the end it was a battle between Danes Jacob Pedersen and Thomas Pedersen (no relation). Jacob walked away the winner with SEK1 million (approx. $147,000) in prize money.

Slaget om Norden (Battle of the Nordic Countries) is a tournament hosted by Paradise Poker exclusively for players from Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Finland.

The two previous champions have come from Sweden, Ingrid Nyman, and Norway, Lars Johansen, but this time it was all about the Danes.

The live final of the event was played at Paradise Island in the Bahamas, and when the two Pedersens sat down to play heads-up, Thomas had a small lead, but it took Jacob only a few minutes to turn the game around.

In the final hand the players were all-in pre-flop with Jacob holding K-K and Thomas holding A-8. A king on the flop sealed the deal - Jacob Pedersen had won the tournament.

"I never though I would win. I just saw coming to Bahamas and playing in a poker tournament as an adventure," said Jacob Pedersen.

Final results from Slaget om Norden III:

1stJacob Pedersen, DenmarkSEK1,000,000
2nd Thomas Pedersen, Denmark SEK250,000
3rd Frode Nyhus, Norway SEK100,000
4th Rigo Nyfjeld, Denmark SEK50,000
5th Janne Turtiainen, Finland SEK25,000
6th Lars Johansen, Norway SEK10,000
7th Roland Billner, Sweden SEK7,500
8th Johan Karlsson, Sweden SEK5,000
9th Tobias Andersen, Denmark SEK5,000
10th Rune Hågansen, Norway SEK5,000

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