Dane WCOOP H.O.R.S.E. champion

The Spoils of War

Four World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) events were decided at PokerStars over the weekend.

The most prestigious win was taken by player hairos from Denmark in the $5,200 H.O.R.S.E. event. hairos defeated his 176 opponents and walked away with $202,921 in prize money.

Results from PokerStars 2007 WCOOP:

Event 22, $1,050 Limit Texas Hold'em

Place Name Country Prize
1st Sowerss United States $120,184.95
2nd jumper17 Austria
3rd plattsburgh United States $56,056.00
4th drbk2 United States $43,120.00
5th emptyseat88 United States $35,112.00
6th DEVIRUS Canada
7th BUTCH ACIDY United States $20,328.00
8th Hansa.no Cyprus
9th der Falk Sweden

Event 21, $5,200 H.O.R.S.E.

Place Name Country Prize
1st hairos Denmark
2nd svesken Denmark
3rd tj_trail United States $103,987.50
4th BOBALOB United States $71,685.00
5th Cordelia United States $55,755.00
6th ROXY24 Canada
7th BUS02 United States $31,860.00
8th TwinkleStar United States $22,567.50

Event 20, $320 No-Limit Texas Hold'em Triple Shootout

Place Name Country Prize
1st lyerly_ United States $76,545.00
2nd Zock'n'Rock Germany
3rd AJunglen7 United States $36,450.00
4th "Dumping"KGB United States $27,337.50
5th pannipha United Kingdom $20,047.50
6th THE__D__RY United States $14,580.00
7th Nutedawg United States $10,206.00
8th adotlee United States $6,561.00
9th Cobra234 Denmark

Event 19, $530 Pot-Limit Omaha

Place Name Country Prize
1st buck21 Canada
2nd Gu Minda France
3rd muzzu Finland
4th tralaira Spain
5th cpfactor United States $26,934.50
6th villepn Finland
7th Egar1m United States $15,167.00
8th Niiiv United States $10,460.00
9th Taknapotin United States $6,014.50


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