Daily 3-Bet: XL Dom, Poisoned Jungleman, 1 Penny Poker Opera

Jungleman spews.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a sip of water, a cool spot on the porcelain and a moment of sweet relief in the afternoon poker news vomitorium.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Dominik Nitsche delivering in the Super XL Series, Dan Cates triumphs from the toilet and Andrew Jankowski turns one penny into $192k.

1) Dom Wins XL Mini Main

He was a beast before he became an 888poker pro and he's been on an even bigger tear since signing on last year.

Besides being the first German and youngest three-time WSOP bracelet winner, Dominik Nitsche has always been a guy who will play poker anywhere, for any stakes, and that's just one of many reasons we're huge Dom fans.

No matter the buy-in he always seems to bring his best and did it again over the weekend by claiming the 888poker Super XL Series Mini Main event for $36.5k.

One of our nominees for Most Inspiring Player last year Nitsche is a gem in the poker world and a great signing for 888poker - even if he does scoop its biggest prizes from the punters.

You can also watch Dom streaming from time to time over on his Twitch channel.

2) Jungleman Takes It Down from Toilet

We joked a couple weeks ago that Dan "Jungleman12" Cates filmed the Poker Life Podcast from a Romanian bathhouse (it was actually a kitchen) but, as it turns out, Cates was not too far removed from actually spending some time streaming from the john.

Like, literally streaming. Ever the gamer Cates managed to take down a SCOOP title in 2-7 Triple Draw - not a game he specializes in - over the weekend while fighting some major food poisoning. Warning: Do not zoom in on the toilet here.

If you're not familiar with the nicknames Cates is referring to here they're no less than MTT crusher Paul Volpe and multiple SCOOP title winner George Danzer.

Might be the boss move of all boss moves in a lifetime of boss moves. Jungleman 4 eva!

3) Jankowski Turns 1c into $192k at WPT Nottingham

We'll cap off our eclectic trilogy of winner stories today with our favorite kind - the parlay from more or less nothing to a very big something.

In this particular case the magician was British Pub League player Andrew Jankowski, who qualified for the $1,100 WPT Nottingham main event via a 1c satellite on partypoker and went on to win it all for $192,210.

If you're mulling over the ROI of that one, it's somewhere around 1.9 billion.

Making it even better it was only his third-ever cash. And he set the final table up to make it seem like he was a total "plonker" and then turned up the heat.

Love it. Check out Jankowski explain his dream run it up below:

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