Daily 3-Bet: WSOP Ratings Boon, Roenick Swoon, NOSEBLEED!

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They watched! They really did!

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a perfect line change, a tape-to-tape stretch pass and a beckoning five-hole in alone on the afternoon poker news breakaway.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find ESPN's WSOP ratings showing promise, Jeremy Roenick looks a bit wobbly on his poker skates and an intriguing new documentary on Franch high-stakes players Alex Luneau and Sebastian Sabic.

1) Monday Night ME Up 10-13%

Well played, sirs.

Ok so "boon" might be a slight stretch. But in a current poker climate where people are willing to throw the term "dying" around all willy nilly we reserve the right to exaggerate mildly in the other direction.

Wicked Chops Poker somehow got access to (and posted) ESPN's ratings for this year's November Nine and the numbers are, at the very least, promising. According to WCP:

"Ratings for the Monday night marathon were up 10-13% year-over-year, pulling .33 US HHs (459,000 viewers) that peaked with a .5. Given the competition against a key demographic (the show ran against Monday Night Football), this would be considered a strong win.

"The Tuesday WSOP night broadcast averaged .81 US HHs (1.16M viewers), down 6% from 2013. It peaked with a 1.01 and held steady at a .81 when Martin Jacobson won the title."

Not the 1.6 of poker's heyday, they say, but still outperforming typical regular season NBA/MLB broadcasts. Given the length of Monday's broadcast (12 hours+) and the all-European final three, all in all a good sign poker still has a strong core audience.

So there, doomsayers. It's still a big poker world out there - and there's plenty more room for growth. Check the rest of the report here.

2) Roenick Rattled, Out of His League

One of the truly great things about poker is watching bragadocious dudes get humbled. No matter how much you puff out your chest or try to bully with words, the cards always get the final say.

Case in point: former NHL superstar and "opinionated" hockey color man Jeremy Roenick.

He got a chance to sit with the big boys (and girls) at EPT Barcelona for an episode of PokerStars' Shark Cage and, while he escaped in this hand, you could tell the table presence of heavy hitters Igor Kurganov, Jonathan Duhamel and Griffin Benger showed him just whose home ice it is.

We love this game! Check the teaser below; look for the full episode coming shortly.

3) NOSEBLEED: A Tale of Two French High-Stakes Regulars

How's your French?

Ours, despite some solid time spent eating baguettes and flipping through a textbook for pictures of girls in berets in the back of French class, is deplorable.

Still, this new poker documentary on French high-stakes players Alex "alexonmoon" Luneau and Seb "Seb86" Sabic looks amazing.

Mostly out of reach until some subtitles get involved here but still fascinating enough we watched the first 45 minutes. Bonne chance:

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