Daily 3-Bet: WPT Seven, Live Poker Heaven, He Wont Job

Christina Lindley
Christina Lindley: One to Watch

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a simple meal, a modest cigar and a humble home immune to the false trappings of the afternoon poker news upper crust.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a new season on the World Poker Tour bringing a new set of players to watch, the opening of a new live poker room in Maryland that blew the doors off the local scene and last year's infamous WCOOP champion maratik in the market for a day job.

1) Harwood, Gross, Julius On Season XII Watch List

Kyle Julius
Kyle Julius

A new season of the World Poker Tour (Season XII in fact) is imminent (today at the Bicycle Casino in LA in fact) which means seven more players have been pegged as "Ones to Watch" for the coming year. So who made the cut?

  • Jeff Gross
  • Loni Harwood
  • Kyle Julius
  • Christina Lindley
  • Aaron Massey
  • Danny Suied
  • Athanasios Polychronopoulos

Interesting list? For sure. Polychronopoulos is proven. Julius has the well-earned respect of an elite crew of grinders -- among them Jason Mercier.

Harwood crushed this summer's WSOP and runs with her own elite crew including Nov. Niner Ryan Riess. Massey and Gross more than hold their own on every stake level.

"Miami Boss" Suied and Lindley? Might have something to prove to keep up with this group. Check the stats on all seven watch for live updates from LA on WPT.com today.

2) New Maryland Live Poker Room Crushes Opening Day

Greg Merson
Maryland Live Merson approved.

Think there's a dip in poker interest in the US post Black Friday? Opening day at the new Maryland Live poker room in Hanover, Maryland, on Wednesday might change your mind.

The new 52-table, 24-hour poker room had lineups before dawn with poker players antsy to get in on the 12 noon opening rush.

By 1 pm over 1,000 players were waiting to play, according to the Washington Post. Within hours a $10/$25 NL game with a $1k min buy-in was going. And every table was in use.

Now one of the largest rooms on the East Coast with amenities like phone chargers built into the tables and masseuses at the ready, the sweet location between Baltimore and Washington makes it look like a new poker heaven for grinders.

Maryland native Greg Merson, who grew up 15 minutes away in Laurel, thinks so at least:

“It has a feel that’s really elite amongst poker rooms in the U.S," he told the Post.

More on the opening here.

3) maratik: "I tried to play live poker, and I did not like it"

maratik: Still keeping it real.

It's hard not to have a soft spot for last year's infamous WCOOP main event champ Marat "maratik" Sharafutdinov.

In case you forgot the story the Russian cab driver qualified for the 2012 WCOOP main on just 40 FPPs, rolled to the final table and, belying his amateur status during deal-making time, punched the inspired "I wont million" into the chat box.

He got it, too, taking home $1,000.907 and continuing on to the 2012 WCOOP title.

What's he done since? Traveled the world, played chess, learned languages. And changed very little else, apparently.

PokerStars' Brad Willis caught up with him for a truly awesome interview where maratik explains:

  • Why he still wants a job (a person "deteriorates" without one)
  • What it's like to enjoy the "discreet charm of the bourgeoisie"
  • His feelings on live poker ("In general, this situation is not for me.") and much more

In short, it's amazing. Read it now here.

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