Daily 3-Bet: Will Hill Bids on 888, Mimran Arrested, False Memories

brian williams
You might have false memories too!

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at a potentially massive gaming deal, a famous poker-playing French businessmen getting arrested and false poker memories.

1) Report: William Hill Offers $1.14 Billion for 888 Holdings

Sofia Lovgren
888poker might be getting even more players.

Huge gaming news today out of the U.K. today that William Hill has offered $1.14 billion in a bid to buy 888 Holdings, according to Reuters.

888 is a much big player in the poker world but William Hill is the biggest bookmaker in Britain.

Shares in 888 immediately soared 20% after news of the potential takeover spread.

"The board of the company confirms that it received an approach regarding a possible offer for the company by William Hill," 888 told Reuters. "There can be no certainty, however, that any firm offer will be made.”

Meanwhile the Times of London has reported 888’s owners are believed to be holding out for a bigger offer.

While poker is only one part of the deal a potential Will Hill Poker/888poker merger would help augment 888’s already considerably player pool.

2) Poker-Playing French Businessman Arnaud Mimran Arrested

Remember Arnaud Mimran? The French businessman who nearly took part in the 2012 $1 million buy-in Big One for One Drop?

Well he’s been arrested by the French National Judicial Custom’s Department.

arnaud mimran
Arnaud Mimran

Mimran was arrested for alleged involvement in fraud as well as several cases of homicide. 

Authorities believe Mimran took part in some form of VAT fraud regarding carbon tax.

He’s also been accused of having some involvement in the death of Samy Souied, who was also in on the alleged carbon tax scheme, as well as others.

Mimran, who only declared a yearly income of €45,000 during 2010 and 2012, will be forced to explain his lavish lifestyle.

Mimran was scheduled to play the Big One but never actually showed for the tournament. Perhaps it was because he realized he was officially only making €45,000 that year?

3) Ever Been a Victim of Poker False Memory?

Phil Ivey
Remember that time Phil Ivey folded a straight in the Main Event?

Nightly news anchor Brian Williams' departure from NBC -- due to embellishing his role in war reporting -- has been pretty embarrassing but the New York Times is claiming it could have been an instance of something called false memory.

In the simplest terms a false memory is something that occurs when you tell a story so many times that you start to view it differently.

It also helps skew your view when you're subjected to more information about your story over the years.

It’s fascinating stuff and it’s 100% something that occurs in poker all the time. Remember that time years ago when some fish made an ill-advised call with A-J against your A-Q? Maybe he was the one with A-Q.

Basically everyone who has ever heard a bad beat story multiple times can confirm this happens, intentional or not.

It’s also interesting as to whether false memory can affect what you perceive to be your hole cards. Ever called all-in with what you thought was a set only to have a lowly pair?

Blame false memories!

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