Daily 3-Bet: Weekend at Dolly's, Hellmuth Throwback, PCA Drama

Doyle Brunson Nolan Dalla
Doyle Brunson by Nolan Dalla

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a bolt-action rifle that fires three high-caliber shots into the bullseye of the mid-afternoon poker news world.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at the fabled Brunson property in Montana, an old-school Phil Hellmuth magazine cover and the latest episode of the shockingly-good PCA broadcast.

1) Doyle's Best Interview

Doyle Brunson

Ever since we were got a brief glimpse of Doyle Brunson’s family property in Montana during an old episode of the WSOP we’ve been wanting more.

Thanks to Poker Night in America it appears that’s exactly what we'll get.

Media man Nolan Dalla had the opportunity to visit the property last weekend and was blown away by the peace and serenity provided by the lakeside house.

Dalla got a complete tour of the property, which included a quick stop over at the Todd Brunson Montana Poker Challenge plus some target shooting with the Brunson gang.

It appears Doyle can still handle a rifle just fine.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to come out of the blog was that the crew did an in-depth feature on Doyle that Dalla felt was “…probably Doyle’s best interview.” Can’t wait to watch that.

2) Hellmuth Does Full Beatle for Poker World

Talk about a throwback.

Phil Hellmuth Tweeted out the cover of an old issue of Poker World magazine earlier this week that featured a pensive-looking Poker Brat.

In Hellmuthian fashion he mentioned it reminded him of the Beatles. We don’t really see it other than a slightly mopish haircut, but to each their own.

Perhaps more interesting is the date on the issue: 1996. When the poker world was rocked by such stories as “Time vs. Drop Changes in California” and “Monte Carlo.”

Guess we’ll never know what happened to those drop changes unless someone has an old issue to lend us. Check out the photo below:


3) Silver Gets Bounced from PCA Main Event

PokerStars has slowly been releasing episodes from the 2014 PCA Main Event and the most recent episode is one heck of a ride with Mike McDonald and Dominik Panka making the final push for the final table while Max Silver gets crushed by a painful bubble.

We’re frequently impressed by just how high-quality the EPT broadcasts are and the fact anyone can watch them for free online.

In other words if you’ve got 48 minutes to spare you could do far worse than watching the latest episode below. Episodes 1-5 and Episode 6 here and here.

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