Daily 3-Bet: Trickett Splits, Neuville Hits, Lost Poker

Sam Trickett
Trickett: Going it alone for now.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a three-papaya min-raise in the regular afternoon smoke monster poker news game.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find British high-stakes crusher Sam Trickett splitting with his sponsor, Serial EPT Qualifier Pierre Neuville living up to his nickname and Jack and Sawyer put their mangos where their mouths are.

1) Sam Trickett Parts Ways with Titan Poker

After two years as a sponsored pro with Titan Poker, British high-stakes icon Sam Trickett has decided to part ways with the poker site.

Originally signing on with Titan in March 2010 along with German pro Marvin Rettenmaier, Trickett announced the split with a tweet earlier today:

A regular in the Macau big games and one of the most sought-after pros for televised cash games, Trickett should have no problem finding a new suitor, if he wants one, before the upcoming WSOP.

Betfair? PokerStars? 888? Odds on favorite anyone?

If we were betting people, we'd put a pound or two on PokerStars. Follow him on Twitter for updates.

2) Serial Qualifier Pierre Neuville Wins (Duh) Online Qualifier Award

Given Team PokerStars Pro Pierre Neuville’s nickname ("Serial EPT Qualifier"), it’s not surprising to hear he won the Online Qualifier of the Year award at the EPT awards in Monaco Tuesday.

pierre 2
There's a reason they call him that.

Qualifying online for a record 23 EPT events in a row to originally earn his nickname, Neuville kept up his blistering pace of qualifying for Season 9 and has now qualified online for 38 of the 40 EPT tournaments he’s played.

Neuville has also put those EPT seats to good use, cashing in the last three main events on Season 9 including the Grand Final, where he finished in 82nd place for €15,000.

If you want to know how his qualifying secrets, check our exclusive How to Qualify for the EPT series here.

The rest of the EPT Season 9 award winners:

  • Player of the Year: Ondrej Vinklarek
  • Player’s Choice Player of the Year: Roberto Romanello
  • EPT Achievement of the Year: Roberto Romanello
  • Omaha Player of the Year: Khiem Ngyuen
  • Mixed-Game Player of The Year: Salvatore Bonavena
  • Heads-Up Player of The Year: Melanie Weisner
  • Country of the Year: Lebanon

3) Put Your Mangos Where Your Mouth Is

Given the recent addition of our Pop Poker column by Martin Harris, breaking down poker across pop culture, we’ve been kind of obsessed with finding poker in random TV shows and movies lately.

Case in point: this scene in Season 2 of Lost where Jack and Sawyer had a metaphorical dick-measuring contest over a few rounds of Hold’em and few piles of mangoes and bananas.

Ah poker. Always a great plot device to reveal character archetypes.

In the end, of course, several classic lines of “poker” dialog were cemented in TV history and Jack shows he can get in Sawyer’s head. Sawyer, for his part, shows he knows some geography and understands how to cure venereal disease.

To their credit, the writers don’t mangle the poker play entirely, although Jack learning Hold’em in Phuket seems a bit random. Clip below:

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roy jones jr jr 2012-05-03 21:19:56

lol you push in with nines who says that

gp 2012-05-03 21:17:49

Sam Trickett was a Titan pro for two years? Hope he wasn't paid by how many people knew about it.

Kev Clutterbuck 2012-05-03 13:02:04

Sayer is such a donk.

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