Daily 3-Bet: Trickett Room, Adelson Gloom, Saving Limit Poker

Sam Trickett
Another perk of playing $1m buy-ins.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a free muffin, a wiped-down cupholder and a framed Allen Kessler candid standing guard over the afternoon poker news high-roller slot zone.

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Today in the PokerListings Daily 3-Bet we find Sam Trickett adorning a new high-stakes poker room, Sheldon Adelson's raincloud drifting over the poker world again and Lee Jones makes a case for saving Limit poker.

1) Dusk to Dawn Opens Sam Trickett Suite

So, this looks pretty sweet:

Pretty rarified air  - ie. Ivey, Bobby - to have a real-life high-stakes poker room named after you. Let's just hope Trickett's bankroll can sustain it or that black-and-white portrait will take on a whole new meaning.

2) Adelson Prepares Campaign Against Online Gambling

So we've known for a while Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson has a lady boner for his crusade against online gambling.

Sheldon Adelson
Shades of megalomania.

His case against, he claims, is concern for the exploitation of the poor and children and a lack of control over underage/problem gambling compared to a live casino.

The more likely reason is he's in a billionaire pissing contest with the owners of Caesars Entertainment.

Either way, according to the Washington Post, Adelson is on a mission to impose his will on the online gaming world this year with an intense public campaign to "portray online gambling as a danger to children, the poor and others who could be exploited by easy access to Internet betting."

Advisers to Adelson, the Post adds, say he is intensely focused on the issue and "talks about it every day with his staff. "

Sigh. We hate to take egomaniacal, pallid billionaires seriously but it sounds like he plans to throw A LOT of cash at it this year. Be prepared for some ludicrous, infuriating TV commercials, poker players.

3) Lee Jones: "We Don't Owe a Living to Anyone"

After that brief interlude with megalomania we're happy to share a much more poker-friendly point-of-view from long-standing industry stalwart Lee Jones.

Lee Jones and the Winner
Lee Jones (left).

Currently PokerStars' Head of Communications (with a decade of varied experience in the poker world behind him), Jones sat down with Barry Carter for a new interview and, basically, nailed the current state/needed direction for the poker industry on the head.

Among Jones' bang-on observations:

  • There's so much more to poker than guys trying to grind out a living and fans who only care about six-figure pots.
  • The overwhelming majority of poker players just want to be entertained
  • Limit poker is much more forgiving for newbies and it needs to come back in a big way
  • Poker is ridiculously fun and we need to show people that

There's plenty more to be inspired by; check the full interview out here.

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