Daily 3-Bet: Tran Rocket, Danzer Secret, Luske Stealth

JC Tran
JC Tran: Rightly ranked in latest GPI.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is some new cornrows and an ankle-breaking crossover that always gets you to the rim in the afternoon poker news pick-up game.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find 2013 WSOP November Nine chip leader JC Tran rocketing up the latest Global Poker Index rankings, PokerStars pro George Danzer explaining his new razor's edge at the table and Marcel Luske reminding us there's not just one Dutch poker player we should be talking about.

1) JC Tran Jumps 300 Spots on Global Poker Index

Carlos Mortensen
Nice jump for Mortensen but we're sure he'd prefer one more spot elsewhere.

We mentioned a couple of notable rises on the post-WSOP GPI in our 3-Bet on Monday but one other big jump of note materialized with the latest ranking release today.

2013 WSOP November Nine chip leader JC Tran now finds himself in the Top 300 player list at #231 with his guaranteed ninth-place finish bumping him up 322 spots.

Probably means a bit less to him than, say, the $750k he's locked down for his family after impressive run, but still. It's nice to be on the list we're sure.

Tran's big jump also now makes him the only member of the 2013 November Nine ranked in the Top 300 players worldwide.

Final-table bubble boy Carlos Mortenson made a big jump up 274 spots to #183 overall.

German high-roller ace Igor Kurganov moved into the GPI Top 10 while Paul Volpe remains out front in the Player of the Year race.

Check out the full top 300 here and the full POY race here.

2) Danzer Goes to Mohawk, Changes Table Image

George Danzer
In scarf we trust. Mohawk, not so much...

PokerStars pro George Danzer has always been one of our favorite scarf-wearing poker pros. We mean that. We don't joke about scarves.

He's also one of the most well-rounded players in the game, a force both live and online and a 2013 PokerListings Spirit of Poker nominee.

Coming off of a massive 2013 SCOOP in which he finished 2nd on the Player of the Series leaderboard, you'd think the last thing he'd want to do is mess with his hard-earned sensitive image. You'd be wrong.

Just as the SCOOP was wrapping Danzer decided he needed a new look for the WSOP so got rid of his moptop for a mohawk. The result, he says? A new edge at the table and good luck at the WSOP:

"I think it changes my table image quite a bit. I still wear the same clothes (and my scarf of course), but it makes me a little taller at the table and adds an edge to my style...

"I kept my new hairstyle for the World Series of Poker and even though I'm not a superstitious person, it really brought me good luck. The first week I was in Las Vegas I made the final table of the $2,500 Stud 8/Omaha 8 event and a few weeks later I finished fifth in the $50,000 Player's Championship. As long as I keep running like this, the mohawk is here to stay!"

As long as he keeps the scarf, we're cool with it. Read his full post about it here.

3) Marcel Luske: Silent Killer

Marcel Luske
The original Flying Dutchman

We don't mean that in the literal sense. Although there is something about him we can't quite put our finger on...

We kid. What we mean in this case is that while all the buzz in Holland these days is about November Niner Michiel Brummelhuis, the original FD (Flying Dutchman) Marcel Luske quietly went about his business at the WSOP and racked up yet another impressive series.

Four cashes in eight bracelet events. A super solid 261st-place finish in the $10k Main Event. Another $75k in cashes to push his career total up over $4.2 million.

Still one of the more popular players on tour Luske seems to have slipped perfectly into his new role of sliding under the radar and making money in events while continuing to be one of the game's best ambassadors.

On top of winning five EPT side events last year, that's just one of the many reasons Luske is also one of our 2013 Spirit of Poker nominees.

Check out Luske's recap of his 2013 WSOP and his plans for the upcoming year in his latest blog post here.

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