Daily 3-Bet: Toughest 2k Ever, RFGs in Bikinis, Kara Scott Fail

29 Kara Scott LOW
Kara Scott: Overachiever.

The PokerListings.com Daily 3-Bet is a rapid-fire rundown of three of the more underreported poker stories of the day.

Any tips or suggestions for the 3-Bet, feel free to post in the comments.

Today we hit up the toughest $2k turbo event in the history of the world (maybe), a behind-the-scenes look at the WPT Royal Flush Girls bikini shoot and a rare Kara Scott fail.

1) Toughest $2k Ever?

Amit Makhija tweeted it out there and, based on a few table reports, the open-field Epic Poker League $2k Turbo yesterday could very well have been the most stacked $2k event ever.

Mike Watson
Mike Watson: Not afraid of tough fields.

With a bunch of the world's top pros mingling around killing time until the $20k Epic Mix-Max Main Event started today, the player list for the $2k read like, well, the player list for the $20k main event.

Among the 59 players making appearances:

Chris Moorman, Mike McDonald, Randal Flowers, Tom Marchese, Will Failla, Steve Gross, Eric Froelich, Brock Parker, David Sands, recent WPT champ James Dempsey, Eric Baldwin, Justin Young, Joe Cheong…

And that was mostly on just two tables.

In the end, Mike “SirWatts” Watson beat Scott “BigRisKKy” Clements for the title and $39,240.

Bloch Takes Pro/Am

In related Epic news, former Full Tilt pro Andy Bloch topped an amateur-heavy 187-player field in the $1,500 Epic Pro/Am to win $24k plus a $20k seat in the main event.

Chris Demaci and Dwyte Pilgirm were other notable names to make the final nine and win a seat in the main.

Check out the Epic recap with Lizzy Harrison and the live updates for the $20k Main Event starting at noon .

2) Behind the Scenes at the Royal Flush Girls Bikini Shoot

Fans of the (new) Royal Flush Girls will appreciate the WPT blog posting a sneak preview of the RFG bikini shoot at the Bellagio pool during the recent Five Diamond Poker Classic.

WPT Royal Flush Girls bikini shoot. Photo: World Poker Tour.

Unfortunately for Jeannie Duffy, Angelique Velez, Brittany Bell, Tugba Ercon, Ivy Teves and Danielle Ruiz, it was one of the coldest days of the year in Vegas.

Such is life for a bikini model.

Check out the .

If you like shots from behind of boom mic guys, you're also in luck.

According to the blog:

"Expect to see photos from the shoot in an upcoming issue of WPT Magazine and video from it will appear on Fox Sports Net when WPT Season X airs in 2012.

3) Kara Scott Novel Fail

Kara Scott
Don't compare report cards with Kara Scott.

With all the things Kara Scott has accomplished, both in and out of poker, we would guess failure is extremely rare for her.

The highly successful Party Poker rep and host of the 2011 World Series of Poker live streaming on ESPN also likely sets the bar a little bit higher than most when it comes to what she expects to do.

Things like write a novel in 30 days.

Most poker players fail at reading buying a novel in a month let alone writing one, but Scott intended to write a full novel as part of National Novel Writing Month in November.

She didn't.

Her recent blog on Cardrunners talks about her disappointment with failing to pull off the 50,000 word novel and says it's because she finds herself boring.

To that we say bollocks.

It's because writing a novel in a month is insane.

Note to Overachievers: Go easy on yourselves. You already do so much.

Also note to Underachievers: Please start trying harder.

Read more here.

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