Daily 3-Bet: Timex Bubble, Female Boom, Poker Never About You

Vicky Coren
Vicky Coren Mitchell, first-ever two-time EPT champ.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Mike "Timex" McDonald making another deep Super High Roller tournament run, Vicky Coren's EPT double-up portending a new female poker boom and Shannon Shorr reminds us to keep our heads out of our own behinds.

1) Timex Keeps on Ticking

OK, technically, since Mike 'Timex" McDonald bubbled today's EPT Grand Final €100,000 Super High Roller in ninth place he didn't make the "final" final table. But it is his 7th straight "final" table in an SHR, he says, which is still pretty sweet:

Mike McDonald
Timex: Makes SHR FTs like clockwork.

While he won't take any cash home for this one his three SHR FTs in 2014 alone - two at the Aussie Millions and one at the PCA - have netted him over $3.2m, so we won't feel too bad as we heat up a Swanson Hungry Man Dinner later this evening.

If you want to watch the cards-up live stream tomorrow from Monte Carlo for more of how "the others" roll, you can right here on PokerListings starting at 2 pm CET (5 am PT).

The final eight and chip counts:

  • 1. Lo Shing Fung 4,558,000
  • 2. Ole Schemion 2,818,000
  • 3. Dan Cates 2,341,000
  • 4. Paul Phua 1,785,000
  • 5. Daniel Colman 1,398,000
  • 6. Richard Yong 1,301,000
  • 7. Olivier Busquet 1,038,000
  • 8. Igor Kurganov 261,000

2) Coren Mitchell's Title Bodes Well for Female Boom

Speaking of Timex ... both the metronomic McDonald and PokerStars pro Eugene Katchalov had shots at becoming the first-ever double EPT champion this year but came up short of history.

Who didn't come up short? The multi-talented, funny and inspiring Vicky Coren Mitchell, who became the first to pull off the epic feat last week at EPT San Remo.

What does it mean for the game? Long-time poker writer Chris Hall says in a new piece in The Guardian it could portend a new wave of female players hitting the tables:

Vicky Coren
Poker's next Moneymaker?

"Coren Mitchell's win ... is a great achievement that shows the skill in poker and why it deserves a wider audience.


"Hopefully some of this publicity will encourage a new generation of players, especially among women who currently make up a tiny minority in a game that is gender neutral. In the main event of the World Series of Poker last year just 4.7% of those playing were women – a massively problematic figure.


"In 98 EPT events there have been just four female winners. While this does paint a huge gender imbalance within the poker world, at the same time it is true that there are more great female players playing now than ever before.



"With more talented women proving their worth, hopefully a new, female-based poker boom isn't too far around the corner. The poker world certainly needs it."

3) Oh and Don't Forget ... Poker's Not About You

Before we all get a little bit ahead of ourselves and our fist-pumping, chest-thumping, soul-reading exploits this weekend Shannon Shorr has a helpful reminder for us (and, likely, a few of his peers at the WPT World Championship this week) to keep things in perspective:

Oh, right.

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