Daily 3-Bet: Tim Duncan of Poker, Deeb Life Check, Poker Princess Pardon

Doyle Brunson
Poker's Big Fundamental?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is textbook footwork in the post, a deadly 15-foot bank shot and a lock for the afternoon poker news Hall of Fame.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a new nickname apparently in use for the Godfather of Poker, hardcore poker degen Shaun Deeb about to get a heavy-duty life check and a New York judge goes easy on high-stakes poker princess Molly Bloom.

1) Doyle Brunson = TD of Poker?

We get the comparison on a few levels ... longevity and success in the game, multiple titles, fundamental soundness, Texas, Doyle's connection to basketball, even their heights (sorta).

But Texas Dolly as the Tim Duncan of Poker? First time we've heard it. Might need some time to think this one over. Dolly seems more like a Bill Russell or Kareem to us.

2) Shaun Deeb Has No Idea What Just Happened

First things first: Congratulations to poker degenerate icon and Easy Game mini-doc subject Shaun Deeb on the birth of his first child.

Second: Deeb is, uhh, clearly unaware of exactly what's in store and the impact a newborn's gonna have on his epic poker habit:

A few days? Best of luck to you, Shaun and family. Also: It's a boy, and he's not (yet) named Doyle:

3) Poker Princess Molly Bloom Gets One-Year Probation

Vadim Trincher
Vadim Trincher: Rethinking his court outfit.

Edwin Ting got five months in jail. Vadim Trincher got five years in jail. Even art dealer Helly Nahmad got a year in jail for his role in the illegal "Russian Mob" gambling ring taken down last year by the DOJ.

The most high-profile defendant in the case, 35-year-old Poker Princess and game concierge/fixer Molly Bloom?

No jail time, one-year probation, forfeit 125k, pay a $1k fine and do 200 hours of community service.

Moral of the story? Say you made mistakes, apologize to the judge for causing him trouble and wear "sky-high heels and a tight white dress and jacket" to court.

According to the New York Daily News Bloom’s lawyer said Bloom had "essentially been ordered into the gambling business by her boss at a Los Angeles real estate company."

Shortly after she moved to New York to work for Ting organizing games in NY.

In all she made about $1m in tips and “rake” money the lawyer argued but she "used much of that money to tip other employees". She’s also now "deep in debt and working at a $19-an-hour job."

At least until her book comes out, anyway. More from the Daily News here.

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