Daily 3-Bet: TiffMichelle 2.0, TexDolly Update, Periodic Poker Table

Periodic Table of Poker FOR SITE4

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Tiffany Michelle returning to the Main Event, a Doyle Brunson surgery update and the Periodic Table of Stuff Poker Players Like.

1) Ready for Tiffany Michelle Main Event 2.0?

Tiffany Michelle
Tiffany Michelle in 2009.

She’s back, baby!

Phil Hellmuth Tweeted that Tiffany Michelle won a WSOP Main Event seat in a charity tournament in LA yesterday.

Now you might remember that Michelle went on one of the most famous Main Event runs of all time before finally finishing 17th in 2008.

Michelle’s run included a controversial clock calling incident and a quick signing with UB Poker despite objections from backers Tony G and Jeffrey Lisandro.

It was all pretty darn exciting and it makes us just a wee bit nostalgic.

Michelle has since withdrawn considerably from the poker world, choosing to focus on her acting career instead.

She also memorably starred with Maria Ho in the Amazing Race in 2009.

Could there be more fireworks assuming she actually plays the Main Event this year? Let’s hope so.

2) Doyle Brunson Surgery Scheduled for March 2

Poker legend Doyle Brunson is scheduled for his 12th surgery in March and suffice to say the poker world is pulling for him.

Doyle Brunson
Doyle Brunson

Doyle’s daughter Pam was nice enough to update the poker community on his current situation via Facebook this week:

"I've been hesitant to update about my Dad's cancer on Facebook because I just can't take negative and rude comments about my Dad on social media (especially health related).

I realize most of you are truly concerned... so... here goes... We got back from Phoenix and the cancer hospital last night. They found three more areas of concern on his head and biopsied them... That's four total. We know one is melanoma. Waiting to get the results of the others.

They ran all kinds of tests to see if the cancer has spread to major organs and we are waiting for the test results. He has surgery to remove the growth and any lymph node, etc., March 2nd. Praying everything is okay. I hope all of this testing is overkill. I'm really worried and scared. It's been a tough year for my Dad."

3) Periodic Table of Things Poker Players Like

Finally we’ll leave you with our new Periodic Table of Things Poker Players Like.

People seem to like it but we’ve undoubtedly missed a few things that poker players like (what, no Patrik Antonius?) so be sure to make your own suggestions below.

Periodic Table of Poker FOR SITE4

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