Daily 3-Bet: Thomas Ready, Ausmus Wild, Slaying Chan

Phil Hellmuth
The hand that launched a million rants.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a Walkman-wearing, kids-book-writing ingénue who comes from nowhere to slay the afternoon poker news dragon.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Octo-Niner Russell Thomas locked in and ready for the Main Event final table, fellow Octo-Niner Jeremy Ausmus going hog wild and Phil Hellmuth Jr. making his name by slaying the Main Event dragon.

1) Final Table Part 4 Sees Russell Thomas Primed, Ready

Part 4 of the Final Table documentary series tracking Octo-Niner Russell Thomas’s training for the Main Event final table is out and, if you follow his coach Jason Somerville on Twitter, you already know it’s his favorite.

Could be the slow-mo mini-putt sequences; could be Dan O’Brien’s brazen confidence in his game. Hard to say, really. There’s a lot to like in this one.

Check out Part 4 below; first three parts here and here.

2) Octo-Niner Jeremy Ausmus Signs with Hog Wild Poker, TTAGIT

Seems like a weird thing to say about making at least $750k and the most prestigious final table in poker, but if there’s been a bad time to be a Main Event finalist since 2004, it’s probably now.

Jeremy Ausmus
Ausmus: Making it work.

With the US still in online-poker limbo and a lull in televised poker shows, there’s not a lot of opportunity out there for the nine relatively anonymous players at this year’s final table.

Jesse Sylvia, Jake Balsiger and Russell Thomas have picked up 888poker sponsorships, and Steve Gee signed with PokerAce in Asia, but with no real marquee name out there pulling the field along it hasn't been the boom days of years past.

Octo-Niner short stack Jeremy Ausmus has, however, squeezed out at least a couple of non-traditional deals for himself.

First he signed with social media network TTAGIT and now he’s inked a deal with free-to-play poker site Hog Wild Poker.

It's not Full Tilt money, we're sure, but it's something.

Ausmus will play a free tourney on Hog Wild tomorrow at 9pm ET with the winner getting a trip to Vegas to watch the final table live.

For a shot at a another great prize on Hog Wild Poker, check our 1,700 Battle of Malta contest here.

3) Phil Hellmuth Jr Slays Johnny Chan

Surprisingly, we’re not talking about Phil ripping Chan for his feeble attempt at reality TV production.

Instead we’re talking about a look back at the moment that announced the brash 24-year-old from Wisconsin to the world: The 1989 World Series of Poker Main Event final table.

There’s so much win in these clips it’s hard to pick just one highlight, but some points of note:

  • Phil still used “Jr” as part of his name
  • Poker commentary has come a long way since 1989
  • Don Zewin looks like he’s wearing ear protection at a construction site
  • Hellmuth loved his tape player and wrote kids books (?) in his spare time.
  • Main Event had just 178 total players but the payout for first was a decent $722k
  • If Chan wins it's back-to-back-to-back Main Event titles - a feat likely never matched

Start with Part 1 of 4 below; also check out a great sit-down with Hellmuth and Jesse May on the Poker Show here.

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