Daily 3-Bet: Theo Grief, Tweet Beef, FTP Repay Pain

Dan Cates
Dan Cates: Still waiting on DOJ for FTP money.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Theo Jørgensen dismayed in Denmark over intrusive media coverage of his home invasion, WSOP Managing Editor Jess Wellman wondering where the Twitter line is for the poker industry and another ominous sounding update on recouping Full Tilt funds.

1) Jørgensen Prefers Getting Shot Again to Danish Media

Theo Jorgensen
Prefers bullets to media blitz.

So you've been shot three times by armed robbers and had your family's safety compromised right in your own home. How can things get any worse? A media onslaught right in the same home, of course.

Danish poker pro Theo Jørgensen was the victim of said home invasion yesterday and posted today that the prying eyes of Danish media have only made it worse:

"After 36 hours in the media eye of the storm (we are) now happily getting back to a normal life. Note that the major media as TV2, BT and EB all three have been outraged by the gruesome assault.

"In the same breath, they all explained how people like me (should) protect my family by having a secret address and phone number to avoid these cases. It supports the cause with great pictures of our house from the air, the beach road and even in some cases pictures of my wife's car with the corresponding plate.

"Some have just come up to our door and knocked, just to get a comment from my wife during this difficult time ... Will generally prefer to take 2 shots in the second leg than speak to one of the three media in this matter."   Read his full post here.

2) WSOP Managing Editor Ponders Tweet Beefs

Matt Savage
Should Savage have to take Twitter beating?

Social media has obviously changed the way the poker community acts, re-acts and interacts with each other - for both good and ill.

While prominent tournament directors (read: Matt Savage and Jack Effel) and poker-industry powerhouses like the WSOP are more accessible (and accountable) than ever before, they're facing a new dilemma: Where do you draw the line?

Drawing from attacks on her own Twitter timeline, WSOP Managing Editor Jess Wellman posted her thoughts about it on her blog and while she appreciates it's part of the job, it's a slippery slope into unfair demands on their personal lives:

"Am I being unreasonable to expect that my Twitter feed has boundaries? That I don’t have to answer every @ reply? Or that I can even operate the @WSOP Twitter in business hours only?...

"These aren’t rhetorical questions. I genuinely don’t know where to draw the line. I know the expectations for Jack and Matt are, in my mind, absurd.

"To tell these guys how to RT, what to Tweet, and complain that, when someone harasses them on Twitter, they choose to block it rather than engage, is just way too much to ask."

Read her full post here.

3) Recouping US Full Tilt Funds Will Be Ugly, Lawyer Says

Cates: "DOJ won't even answer email."

We knew once the finalized PokerStars/Full Tilt deal came down repayment would take two very different paths. For Non-US players, a breeze - as easy as requesting a withdrawal, paid in full by PStars.

For US players it was going to be messy, with a still-unclear remission process through the US Department of Justice.

While some progress has been made, including a Jan. 2013 deadline for naming a claims administrator, the outlook is still not good according to writer Michael Kaplan.

In a new piece on Buzzfeed Kaplan speaks with several interested parties including Dan "Jungleman12" Cates and forfeiture lawyer Steven L. Kessler, who says based on past examples the process will be painful and obstacle-heavy for players looking to recoup balances:

“Any forfeiture case is about fund-raising. In one of its publications [the 'National Asset Forfeiture Strategic Plan 2008–2012'], the government talks about bringing in $2 billion in forfeitures and returning only $700 million.

"(Recouping funds will be) a long, drawn-out process to the point that you will need to be out five or six or seven figures for it to be worth pursuing. The system is set up so that you are discouraged from going after your money.

"There is the cost in terms of emotion, time, effort, and cash. You can do the claim yourself, but the discovery process will require you to show tax returns and bank statements. ... It's virtually impossible to do without an attorney."

Read the full piece here.

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danny 2012-12-04 17:01:57

Our goverment absolutely sucks!!!!!

Hank 2012-12-04 16:04:34

Doesn't speak much for Danish media, does it? Or for media in general I suppose. Good luck in your recovery Theo cheers.

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