Daily 3-Bet: The End of Gus, Pius Has Hearth, Bilzerian Lampoon

Pius Heinz
Can't stop, won't stop Hearthstone grind.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a wood-paneled station wagon, a Christie Brinkley cameo and an illicit skinny dip in the afternoon poker news motel pool.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Gus Hansen speculating on the beginning of the end of his poker life, Pius Heinz with Hearthstone on the brain at EPT Vienna and Dan Bilzerian re-imagined as Clark W. Griswold.

1) Gus Hansen: "Right Now, I’m Not Very Fucking Positive"

A poker world without Gus Hansen? Is it something we can even wrap our heads around? Is it even possible? Is it inevitable?

Gus Hansen
Hold on for one more day, Gus.

In case you missed it earlier today we sat down with Gus Hansen at EPT Vienna yesterday and what he said has our minds reeling.

We know a $17m downswing is gonna be hard for anyone to recover from but somehow, someway, we thought Gus was invincible. Maybe not, it turns out. Some of the things on Gus' mind:

  • "I’ve been on a long losing streak, so I have to look away from the results and look at how I’m handling myself and how I play."
  • "This might include even a longer break from poker just to clear my head."
  • "I probably have just about the worst game selection in the world."
  • "It’s hard to imagine that I wouldn’t be around at all in the poker scene anymore, but I could definitely be there to a lesser degree than I am right now."

Hang on, Gus. Hang on. Things will turn around. Read the interview in full right here.

2) Pius has Hearthstone Grind on the Mind

Think the new strategy/card game Hearthstone isn't addicting?

Even former poker World Champions can't resist dusting off stacks to get back to it:

3) Dan Bilzerian, Most Interesting Man on Instagram?

Is famed poker playboy Dan Bilzerian really the Most Interesting Man on Instagram, as Buzzfeed declared this weekend? That depends on how much you value guns, fake boobs, cars and money. (We're still going to go with "probably not.")

Is being painted as Clark W. Griswold in a National Lampoon's Vacation poster spoof the greatest honor a man can have in life, though? Quite possibly.


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Vito iuni 2014-03-25 06:17:06

GUS, your my FAVORITE player!! Believe me when I tell you, that I can help you regain a winning edge over everyone at the tables!! It has worked for me and never failed!! Don't give up!!! FAILURE IS THE BEGINNING OF SUCCESS!!