Daily 3-Bet: Thanks Kid, Thanks Dealers, Thanks Rappers

Daniel Negreanu
Negreanu: Best in the biz.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an over-sized drumstick, a heaping pile of stuffing and a full gravy boat beckoning you to the afternoon poker news dinner table.

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Today in the 3-Bet we, appropriately, give thanks to a few of our most favorite things in poker including the one and only Daniel Negreanu, the grinders on the other side of the table and those who love to (sort of) rhyme.

1) Thanks, Kid Poker

Daniel Negreanu
Singlehandedly brings more people to poker than free buffets.

There are quite literally hundreds of poker players who deserve acknowledgement and thanks not just today but throughout the year.

Generous with their time, their opinions and their images ... if it wasn't for the great poker players of the world we wouldn't have much to report on.

Still, every year, there's one guy who always goes above and beyond what you might expect - even when those expectations are already sky high.

There's a lot to appreciate about Kid Poker but for a guy who's given probably THOUSANDS of interviews in his time he literally never phones one in.

He humors bad questions, gives thoughtful, relevant and engaged answers and always, always gives off some positive energy about the game of poker.

Outside of Chris Moneymaker there might be no one person more responsible for bringing new players into the game than Negreanu.

Sure, we might not need to see his tupperware containers and sock drawers. But we can never see enough of him and all that he does for the game.

Also, what will his hairline do next!

2) Thanks, Hard-Working and Good-Humored Dealers

Ever tried to humor 6-10 cranky, smelly poker players for 8 hours -- keeping complicated side pots correct, the game moving and the atmosphere fun while waiting for someone to jump down your throat at the slightest misstep?

Yeoman's work, Yoeman's nostrils.

Being a "passable" poker dealer is a tough job. Being a good poker dealer is a very hard job. Getting a great poker dealer is like seeing an actual miracle on earth.

Some of the most foul, dismissive, repulsive and reprehensible human behavior on record has happened at poker tables and it's no easy task to be the zookeeper trying to keep the cage clean and the numbers straight.

Sure, some dealers are bad. But plenty put in a lot of time, effort and care to being good at what they do. Which allows us to do what we like to do.

Tip them well. Wash your hands. Be kind. And for godsakes take a shower.

If you ever play a major tournament series there's also a great number of behind-the-scenes staff making it happen and they're certainly worth a thank you as well. But if you can't manage a thank you, at least don't be a dick.

3) Thanks, Poker Rappers

There's almost nothing in life that gives us more joy than poker rap - two things that suit each other about as much as Layne Flack and book learning.

It's such an egregious mish-mash of awkward jargon, false bravado and cultural appropriation we literally can't look away from any of it. ANY OF IT. So thank you aspiring hip-hoppers for your audacious swag and questionable rhyme schemes.

God bless Prahlad for getting the ball rolling too. Happy Thanksgiving!

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cassiec 2013-11-28 21:56:38

madsen is a complete muppet

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