Daily 3-Bet: Tatty Tan, Wizard Reprieve, Gravy Training

tatjana pasalic
Tatjana Pasalic has a new friend.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a decision-oriented, three-story session running about 3x under expected poker news value.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Bodog naming its new female running mate for Tatjana Pasalic, Kevin “WizardofAhhs” Thurman reaping the rewards of a ignoring results and fellow PokerStars pro Grayson Physioc considering space camp again.

1) Jennette “Jay” Tan Joins Tatjana Pasalic on Team Bodog

Bodog pro Tatjana "@Tattytats" Pasalic put out the word last month that the Bodog brand was in the market for an attractive running mate for its pro team and today they announced they found her.

jay tan
New Bodog pro Jay Tan.

Jennette “Jay” Tan, a Hong Kong-based pro, will be the new primary face for Bodog’s Asian poker client, Bodog88, and join Pasalic and Evelyn Ng as a sponsored pro.

“When I play tournaments in Macau,” Tan said, “a lot of people are wearing similar patches.

“I’m proud to be a part of Team Bodog. It’s an exciting time as I can be the face of the brand as it grows in Asia.”

Tan already has a couple of final tables in the Macau Poker Cup to her credit and also cashed her first WSOP event last year.

With a Masters degree in Business, Tan didn’t plan on a career in poker but saw Daniel Negreanu play on TV, was impressed by his “natural instincts and his ease at the tables,” and decided to take the game up.

Befitting the "live fast" edict of the Bodog brand, Tan spends her off time riding her Honda VFR400 on the streets of Hong Kong.

More from Bodog here. Follow Tan on Twitter here.

2) Kevin “WizardofAhhs” Thurman Ignores Results, Reaps Rewards

If you’ve spent any time at all pursuing a career in poker, you’ve inevitably encountered the “decisions vs. results” debate.

The results of mind over money.

In short: Do you focus on your wins and losses or do you ignore results and concentrate only on making the best decisions each session and believe in your overall edge to make a profit?

PokerStars Team Online pro Kevin “WizardofAhhs” Thurman has been working on his mental poker game lately (with help from poker coach Jared Tendler) and his results with the latter are promising.

Taking a full month off from looking at his results (only caving once after a bad session), Thurman ended up making way more money than he expected in March. About $40,000 more actually.

Thurman was so impressed by the effectiveness of ignoring results that he's continuing with it in April:

"I do not feel I am quite mentally strong enough to check results at the end of each day yet. And I certainly never plan on checking results during or immediately after a session ever again. 

"So I'm going to stick to the game plan of reenacting the experiment all over again in April to optimize my success, because this graph may certainly be evidence of a successful experiment."

PokerListings blogger Courtney Gee also ran her own "no results" experiment with similar success this month and wrote about it here.

3) Grayson Physioc Reopening Spacegravy Training Center?

Grayson Physioc
Grayson Physioc.

Speaking of PokerStars Team Online pros, Grayson “spacegravy” Physioc also posted an update today with his results from last year, his plans to move to Vancouver and his interest in coaching again.

Spending most of the past couple of years in Costa Rica, Physioc had another profitable year in heads-up SnGs and cash games and, despite originally planning on moving to Mexico this year, is joining the still-growing group of Black Friday refugees in Vancouver instead.

And good news for players who have had a chance to get some coaching from Physioc, he hopes to start up the Space Gravy poker training center again:

“For all of you unfamiliar with it, two years ago I started a training camp in Costa Rica where students in groups of 2-3 would come down for a week and learn how to make a living at SNG’s.

“I’ve always been convinced I can teach just about anyone to earn at least $5k-$10k a month from SNG’s and think with new addition of HU hyper SNG’s on Pokerstars, it has become even easier.

“ …I decided to take a break from coaching because I was just too busy but should have more time once I move to Canada. If there is enough interest I’ll most likely start it back up, so let me know.”

If a week in Vancouver and making $5k-$10k a month sounds appealing.

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