Daily 3-Bet: Sylvia Prep, FTP Yep, All ME Hole Cards

Jesse Sylvia
2012 WSOP runner-up Jesse Sylvia

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is kinda like a good sandwich. Three layers; delicious cold cuts; frilly toothpicks. Call it an afternoon poker news word Dagwood.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to leave a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find Jesse Sylvia revealing some of his last-minute Main Event prep, Full Tilt Poker declaring itself ready for relaunch on November 6 and blogger Martin Harris tracking every hole card from the WSOP Main Event final table.

1) Jesse Sylvia and Bluefire Release WSOP Prep Vids

Steven Gee
Gee: Pegged.

Poker coaching site Bluefire Poker hinted before the WSOP Main Event final table it had worked with one of the final nine and finally revealed whom this morning – Jesse Sylvia.

The eventual runner-up for $5.3 million, Sylvia worked with Bluefire in the week leading up to the final and recorded a series of videos discussing his prep work.

Discussion topics were ICM, prospect theory, advanced reads and tells on opponents at the table, adjusting to shorthanded deep-stack play and more.

Three videos have been released with two-minute preview clips now up on the Bluefire Poker website.

Most interesting to the layviewer might be the opponent analysis of ninth-place finisher Steven Gee. Breaking down a hand shown on ESPN with Gee in a pot with AK agaist Jamie Robbins, Sylvia says:

“He tends to put a lot of chips – a good percentage of his stack - in the middle and then makes decisions. Most players don’t do that these days.”

Very prescient indeed.

2) All Systems Go for Full Tilt Launch

The buzz around Full Tilt Poker’s Nov. 6 relaunch is growing daily and much has already been made this week of the ongoing preamble to real-money play.

The new FTP is now live for play-money play, balances are available to view for ROW players and players in regulated markets can even sync up old accounts with their PokerStars account and access their money.

One more time because it's almost too crazy to be true: Some Full Tilt Players are already getting their money back.

So things have definitely looked on track for the Nov. 6 launch and Head of Corporate Communications for PokerStars, Eric Hollreiser, made it official this morning with a post on the PokerStars corporate blog:

"For players in the rest of the world (excluding the United States), we remain on schedule for re-opening the site for real-money play on November 6th, at which time you will have full access to your account and will once again be able to play on FullTiltPoker.com.

“For the millions of players who will have access to their funds, this marks the end of a long and emotional roller-coaster ride.”

3) How Many Times Did Greg Merson Really Get AK?

Greg Merson
AK King.

Speaking of overwhelming undertakings, poker blogger Martin Harris (otherwise known as Short-Stacked Shamus) has really gone the extra poker mile with his latest project.

Following on the heels of the discovery of hand-for-hand coverage of the 1995-2000 WSOP Main Event final tables and the breakdown of Stu Ungar’s win by Clayton Newman, Harris took on the fairly Herculean task of recording all of the hole cards shown at the 2012 Main Event final table.

Yep, all 399 of them.

Give or take a few cards that weren’t shown to the camera, cards that didn’t make showdown and a few hand-numbering issues, Harris has now posted every hole card shown at the final table in order.

It’s a fascinating list in its entirety, to say the least.

For those who’d like to make a deeper analysis of the play, here's your oyster. Read Harris' excellent Pop Poker column on PokerListings here.

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