Daily 3-Bet: Swedish Surprise, Starburst > Chips, Vamos Ramos!

Peter Eichhardt 14906 winner photo
Peter Eichhardt makes it nine for Sweden.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Peter Eichhardt joining an elite Swedish crowd, Norman Chad pontificating on poker and Felipe “Mojave” Ramos entering The Cube.

1) Eichhardt Joins Swedish 9

John Racener
John Racener took fourth.

Sweden has played a rather large part in the online poker boom so you might be surprised the country has only produced eight WSOP gold bracelet winners.

Well you can officially change that number to nine after last night.

Swedish crime novelist Peter Eichhardt outlasted all 2,016 entries in Event 6 $1,500 NLHE, including fourth-place finisher John Racener, to win $439,255 and a gold bracelet.

Interestingly Eichhardt showed some brutal honestly in his winner interview when he said that three years ago he “wasn’t good at poker, at all.”

The 50-year old studied up, however, and has accumulated nearly $700,000 in live tournament earnings since 2015.

Remarkably Eichhardt has been going to Vegas for the WSOP since 1992, which means he’s been chasing the bracelet for over 20 years.

It’s never too late to improve your game, folks.

2) Norman Chad: “Tournaments Feel Like a Funeral Home”

Norman Chad, Lon McEachern
Norman Chad

Famed ESPN commentator Norman Chad wants to see people lighten up at the WSOP tables.

Chad did an extended Q&A with The Las Vegas Sun yesterday where he discussed a myriad of topics including the history of the WSOP, the poker boom and TV ratings.

We particularly liked the part about loosening up at the table:

I’ve always found tournaments feel more like a funeral home. People are always kind of tense, and it’s up to me to loosen them up. I’m going to CVS to buy Starburst. When I start asking people if they want Starburst and I toss them around the table, it’s like giving them Dom Perignon, it loosens everybody up. People loosen up and then we have a better time. But at World Series Events, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of joy. I’m thinking, "How is this not joyful? We’re playing poker.”

3) GPL Weekend: Sao Paulo vs. Berlin Bears

The Global Poker League Summer Series just keeps chugging a long.

After an impressive 3-0 showing by Martin Jacobson against Randy “Nanonoko” Lew we’re moving on to Felipe Ramos (Sao Paulo Mets) against Jeff Gross (Berlins Bears) in The Cube today.

On Saturday we’ll get to see NY Rounders vs. Rome Emperors.

Meanwhile on Sunday we’ll get:

LV Moneymakers vs. Paris Aviators
Montreal Nationals vs. Moscow Wolverines

You can watch the Ramos vs. Gross match below:

Watch live video from GPL on www.twitch.tv

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