Daily 3-Bet: Supernova in 39hrs, Negreanu Saves, Sebok Slaves

Daniel Negreanu
Could it be the first rant of 2013?

The Daily 3-Bet is like three New Year’s resolutions you'll never keep but that doesn’t stop you from making them every year.

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In today’s 3-Bet we’re taking a look at a ridiculous new Supernova record, Joe Sebok trading poker for wine and Daniel Negreanu starting 2013 with a heart-felt rant.

1) Online Player Alex Wice Makes Supernova… In 39 Hours 

Alex Wice
Grinding machine Alex Wice

While many people around the globe were still sleeping off their hangovers, online poker players Alex Wice and "MouldyOnions" were involved in a mad dash to become the first player to earn 100,000 VPPs on PokerStars in 2013.

Incredibly it only took Wice 39 hours and 25 minutes to hit 100,000 VPPs. He reached the landmark yesterday. It’s the fastest that anyone has hit Supernova status in PokerStars history.

For his considerable feat Wice earns a bonus 100,000 frequent player points to spend in the PokerStars store and will be commemorated in the 2013 PokerStars Collectible Card Deck.

It was a painful ending for MouldyOnions who led for much of the challenge before problems with his table-opening software slowed him down and ultimately let Wice pull off a come-from-behind victory.

With Supernova complete, the next milestone will be the first player to hit 1,000,000 VPPs to earn Supernova elite status. Andrew "azntracker" Li and George Lind III have won that honor in the past.

You can follow along on the PokerStars leaderboard here.

2) No Whining: Joe Sebok Crushing Grapes 

Joe Sebok
Joe Sebok takes a break from poker.

Joe Sebok has been distancing himself from the poker world over the last couple years and the San Francisco Chronicle published a story on what exactly he’s been up to over the last six months.

Sebok worked the 2012 harvest for Vinify, a custom grape-crushing facility in Santa Rosa.

The physically demanding work was a decided change from playing poker and Sebok related that he lost 17 pounds over the course of the three-month harvest.

Sebok had several responsibilities including “punchdowns”, which involved pushing the top layer of grapes to the bottom of the fermenting bin, and pumping wine between holding tanks.

The Pokerroad founder says he'll keep looking for work outside poker and is currently interviewing for marketing jobs in the wine game.

Despite never closing out a major tournament, Sebok still had $1.8 million in live tournament cashes in his career

Long hours? Early mornings? Physically arduous tasks? It’s still got to be better than representing UB Poker.

3) Daniel Negreanu Starts 2013 with Rant on Outcast Poker Players

Poker superstar Daniel Negreanu didn’t wait long to unveil his first video rant of the year. Negreanu uploaded a video to YouTube yesterday that focused on his plans for 2013.

Interestingly Negreanu’s #1 goal for 2013 doesn’t have much to do with him actually playing poker. Instead he says that he wants to do whatever he can to help the poker community.

He also mentioned that he wants to help outcast poker players. Does that mean he’s going to reach out to Howard Lederer? Find out in the video below:

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