Daily 3-Bet: StarsNJ Hits 1,100+, NY Poker Budget, Planet Staking


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Today in the 3-Bet we find PokerStars New Jersey off like a rocket, neighboring New York pushing towards iPoker and NPR pulls back the curtain on poker staking.

1) PokerStarsNJ Gets Rolling

Well, that was an exciting day.

#1 from the jump.

The world's largest poker site returned to the United States yesterday with its official launch in New Jersey.

After a semi-slow start things really picked up over the day as the pros jumped on, the bridge-and-tunnel crowd came home and the prize pools bulged.

Reaching a max of just under 1,200 players PokerStars became the de facto #1 site in the state almost from the jump. It beat almost every guarantee, paid out thousands to eager players and reported minimal software, geo-location or payment processing blips.

As an added bonus Jason Somerville's popular Twitch stream reached close to 8,000 concurrent viewers and coincidentally topped the 10m-mark for lifetime views.

So, well played PStars. Still a long way to go to a healthy, surging online poker industry in the US but it certainly feels like a new day has dawned. More on PokerStars here.

2) New York Has iPoker in 2016 Budget

While poker pundits and enthusiasts around the world watched the PokerStars launch pretty closely yesterday so, likely, did a few politicians and lawmakers in neighboring New York.

New York photo by Massimo Catarinella
New York next?

New York has included an online poker bill - S5302B to be exact - in the 2016 budget and a majority in the NY Senate are supporting the budget and its inclusion in the current legislative session.

Whether that means the bill, put forward by Senate Racing and Wagering Committee Chairman John Bonacic, has a chance at passing is another story. But it is good to see online poker get a little bit up the agenda.

With the State fiscal year set to start in April, it won't be long until it either moves forward or gets put on hold for another year. An encouraging start for PokerStars in New Jersey might make the difference.

3) A Recipe for Burning Through a Lot of Money

As we've all seen many times when mainstream media delves into the intricacies of poker or the poker industry, they usually get it embarrassingly wrong. And manage to squeeze in at least a half-dozen mangled poker metaphors in the process.

National Public Radio however - and especially poker enthusiast Ira Glass of This American Life - usually do better than that. TAL's sister podcast, Planet Money, does likewise.

This time around Planet Money delved into poker staking, and specifically the unique circumstances surrounding Jake Balsiger's stake/run to third-place in the 2012 WSOP Main Event.

Told through the shared experience of Balsiger and backer Derek Wolters, it's a nice, simplified breakdown of how staking/swapping works. It also includes a fantastic reading of online screennames and some of Lon McEachern's signature reporting on an empty room. Enjoy it below!

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