Daily 3-Bet: Stapes Shunned, Rousso Tofu-ed, How to Be Luckier

Vanessa Rousso IMG 5486
Tofu's bad it seems.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a severed rabbit's foot, a double rainbow and all the good afternoon poker news fortune you can manage.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the indefatigable Joe Stapleton shunned in a London park, Vanessa Rousso's Big Brother game shows some cracks and Martin Jacobson helps us get lucky.

1) Stapes Investigates

Is there anyone who has subjugated himself to more indignities for the joy/good of the game of poker than Joe Stapleton?

The amiable PokerStars presenter has repeatedly taken his beats on the streets of the world for the pleasure of the EPT poker audience and has now braved the shunning once more for our benefit in a new bit for the Sky Poker cameras.

In a pair of clips that might even explain why he recently moved from London to New York Stapes hit up a park in West London to find out what the average person knows about poker.

Two things were clear: 1) People don't know much and 2) Londoners did not enjoy hearing him use the phrase "wet flop."

We do, though. Very much. Probably too much tbh. Enjoy!

2) Rousso's Big Brother Game Shows Cracks

Poker's Vanessa Rousso has been in the Big Brother 17 house going on six weeks now and, by most reports, has been humming along nicely.

Vanessa Rousso
About to get squeezed in Big Brother house?

We won't claim to understand the intricacies of Big Brother well but she apparently formed an alliance and has controlled much of the game so far with a power couple named Shelli and Clay.

Unfortunately, according to a guy in a bathrobe who once played and now blogs about Big Brother, things have begun to unravel. We assume he has some authority because, well, he's in a bathrobe. His take:

"I have never seen Vanessa play poker, but I can only assume she has won so much money because she is a smart player – looking for the right time to make a big play, and the right time to hold back. Sadly in the BB house she is always looking to make the big play. She talks about integrity and hating liars – yet she makes at least 3 contradicting deals each week.

"Lucky for Vanessa, she has strong players around her keeping her safe for now, but people are for sure catching on to her and when she makes the wrong play at the wrong time – she will be spending plenty of time working on her card shuffling skills in the jury house."

His rating? Two strips of Tofu, which we guess is the opposite of the strips of bacon he awards to players who did well. We'll keep an eye out for any big moves developing this week.

3) Martin Jacobson Takes Us to Luck School

When life hands you AT you run with it.

If there's anything that gives you more authority on a subject than blogging in a bathrobe it's actually having "been there." Ie. having actually taken part in the thing you're now professing to know about.

There's no better source on how to improve/earn you own luck in poker than 2014 WSOP Main Event Champ Martin Jacobson.

Coming into the 2014 Nov. 9 low in chips Jacobson stayed true to his skills, trusted in his unmatched preparation and, when the right moments came, capitalized and won it all for $10m.

Jacobson tipped his Twitter followers off to one of his secrets yesterday with a link to this piece on How to Attract Good Luck. In short the point is you can actually improve your luck - and there's science to back it up. In a nutshell you need to:

  • 1) Maximize Opportunities
  • 2) Listen to Hunches
  • 3) Expect Good Fortune
  • 4) Turn Bad Luck Into Good

Sounds just crazy enough to work. Read the full piece here.

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