Daily 3-Bet: Squid Cage, Nosebleed Subbed, Ladies Night in America

Sam Grafton 3
It's squid time, baby!

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In today’s all-video Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Sam Grafton starring in the latest Shark Cage, that Nosebleed documentary getting English subtitles and Ladies Night in America.

1) Sam “TheSquid” Grafton Gets Caged

We’ve been digging the latest Shark Cage episodes and the latest one is no exception.

Combine a tight line up of pros including Jason Mercier, Sam Grafton, Liv Boeree with feisty amateurs Mike Tindell and Muskan Sethi and you’ve got a recipe for an entertaining episode.

Grafton, also known as TheSquid, is a particularly welcome addition to the Shark Cage.

Our favorite moment is around 13:00 when Grafton tries to bluff Timex but gets snapped off. As he’s heading to the cage Grafton asks an earnest question, “Can I take a beer with me at least?”

Yes. You can.

2) Nosebleed Documentary Gets English Subtitles

We highlighted the recent documentary Nosebleed for showing the behind-the-scenes life of high rollers Alex Luneau and Sebastian “Seb86” Sabic but there was one problem: It was French only.

That issue has been rectified and the filmmakers quickly re-uploaded the doc with English subtitles this week.

Check it out right now:

3) Poker Night in America Goes All-Ladies

The Poker Night in America cash game has a slightly different feel today as it’s streaming an all-female cash game.

The lineup includes noted pros Vanessa Selbst, Ebony Kenney, Jamie Kerstetter, Danielle “Dmoongirl” Anderson and Jessica Dawley with commentary by David Tuchman.

We’re not sure how long it will run, so check it out right now:

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