Daily 3-Bet: Soshnikov Boss, NPR Plugs REG, Papa Antonio

Liv Boeree
Well put, Liv.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an unassuming haircut, a friendly polo and a straight-up battering of the best players on the afternoon poker news feature table.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Ivan Soshnikov bossing on the feature table in the PCA Super High Roller, NPR gives some airtime to Liv Boeree and Raising for Effective Giving and the Magician delivers his most impressive trick.

1) Ivan Soshnikov, SHR Boss

Ever watched Russian Ivan Soshnikov - aka vandi4rek - play poker?

The low-key pro with the boyish looks and school-kid style is a straight-up boss at the poker table and showing it today on the PCA Super High Roller live stream.

He takes great lines, puts his opponents in uncomfortable spots and just looks like the most dangerous guy at a very expensive table - even if he's also on the brink of getting ID'ed at all times.

With a SCOOP main event title and a live EPT High Roller title already in his pocket it's easy to see why he has the confidence in his game, but watching it live is a treat.

Also on the feature table right now are Jason Koon, David Peters, Vlad Troyanovskiy, Ike Haxton, Max Altergott and Carlos Chadha.

Watch it below; join in the conversation via Twitter with #EPTLive:

Update: Aaaaaand of course he's out after getting crippled by Jason Koon. Hit the rewind button if you want to watch some great early action.

2) NPR's Planet Money Pays REG Some Due

If you've followed the 3-Bet over the past year you' know we're big fans of the Raising for Effective Giving (REG) charity founded by Phil Gruissem, Igor Kurganov and Liv Boeree.

Based on the principles of Effective Altruism it's goal is to maximize charitable effectiveness by giving money how and where it can help the most people.

Poker players who support REG - notably $10m WSOP Main Event champ Martin Jacobson - agree to donate at least 2% of their winnings to the local organizations REG supports.

As it's such a brilliant undertaking it's no wonder mainstream media has taken note with reports on REG starting to pop up around the world -- the latest being on National Public Radio in the US.

The fantastic Planet Money team posted a quick 3-minute snippet before the holidays featuring Liv and some great soundbites summing up how "mathematics rule the world."

Well played, Liv. Cold dig at the end about Liv's recent profits though. It's tournament poker, Planet Money! Dry spells are common. Clip below:

3) Congratulations, Papa Antonio!

If he thought Burning Man blew his mind, wait until his first diaper change. Welcome to the world, mini Magician!

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