Daily 3-Bet: Sofia Moves On, GPI Matchmaker, Magic The Crackening

Sofia Lovgren
Onward and upward for Sofia.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a stretched-out pair of BVDs, an open-backed chair and a truly spectacular afternoon poker news Kodak moment.

Got a tip for a future 3-Bet? Drop a note in the comments and we'll gladly take a look.

Today in the 3-Bet we find PokerListings fav Sofia Lövgren moving on from her original poker home, the Global Poker Index goes all in for April Fool's day and our Magic: The Gathering brethren get immortalized in butt crack history.

1) Lövgren Leaves PKR

One of our favorite pros - and one of poker's soon-to-be leading lights - in Sofia Lövgren announced yesterday she's leaving the PKR pro team after four years.

Nothing acrimonious or anything - Lövgren says she's simply moving on to an as-yet unnamed new adventure:

Sofia Lovgren
New project for Lövgren coming shortly.

As she writes it's been six years since PKR gave her her start as a pro and she couldn't be more thankful:

"It is now six years since I started from the lowest levels building a bankroll on PKR. After grinding millions of hands and just turning 20 I was given the responsibility to be the first female Team Pro.

"I was from day 1 very well treated by this unique and friendly community. So many people have tried to encourage me and made my poker life enjoyable.

"PKR has been like my second family and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with so many genuine and nice people and to represent this unique poker site and community."

If you don't know her yet we have a feeling you will shortly. Her new project is more than likely going to up her profile over here and she says she intends to spend at least a month in Vegas this summer grinding the WSOP.

Read her full post and look for details on her new project in the coming weeks here.

2) Global Poker Index Builds Tinder Killer

Sam Trickett
Pick a Trickett for high-end club perks.

Mildly amusing April Fool's joke articles are, of course, littering the web today but no one has committed as wholeheartedly to the annual parade than poker's own Global Poker Index.

Along with articles suggesting the WSOP Poker Kitchen is going vegan, Rafael Nadal is under investigation for gambling and our personal favorite, Alex Dreyfus is now #1 on the Bluff Power 20, the GPI went all out on pushing its new "Poker Matchmaker" app.

According to the GPI the app offers up "lightning in a bottle" in an exclusive list of millionaire poker bachelors culled from their rankings for ladies who "dream of living a life of luxury."

Ladies can choose from the likes of billionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian, "Huggable Hansen" types you can console after they lose millions and "Trickett Tickets" for those who prefer high-end club service.

With a geo-location feature to hook up with players instantly at the WSOP this summer, too, it's a real "Tinder Killer" they say.

We won't spoil all of the good jokes in there; check the fake app out here.

3) Magic: The Butt Cracks is Amazing

Given poker's long and storied connection to Magic: The Gathering we couldn't pass up mentioning this brilliant bit of performance art from the latest Magic Grand Prix in Richmond, Virgina.

We will warn you, however: what you're about to see can't be unseen. Sample below:


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