Daily 3-Bet: Slim Truth, Hellmuth < Kessler, Drawing Dead

Phil Hellmuth
Hellmuth: Out-Tigered by Chainsaw.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a heavy-footed, turf-spinning golf cart ride around the afternoon poker news back nine.

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Today in the 3-Bet we learn the ultimate truth about Amarillo Slim, two pros square off in a “photos with tigers” contest and two more poker players tell their disparate online poker stories.

1) The Truth About Amarillo Slim: His Truth isn't the Truth

The news of Amarillo Slim’s death on Sunday hit the media wires shockingly hard.

Amarillo Slim Preston
Told his truth, not the truth.

We think of him as a big deal in poker, for sure, but it’s surprising how big and how lasting his legacy in the mainstream media still is.

Hundreds of news pieces (kudos to the Vancouver Sun for worst headline – “Famous Poker Pitchman Folds”), RIP tweets and loosely fact-checked anecdotes have been sprayed around the Web since.

None come close to Remembering Amarillo Slim Whichever Way We Wish by Greg Dinkin on Grantland.

Slim’s co-author on his memoir Amarillo Slim in a World of Fat People, Dinkin revisits his life with Slim and, in particular, the time he spent following him around for his research on the book.

His recounting of their visit to Nicholas Cage’s house (“We had brought a copy of the memoir, so I handed Slim a pen and asked him to sign it for Cage. Slim grabbed the pen, looked Nicolas Cage dead in the eye, and said, "How do you spell 'prick'?”) is amazing, but Dinkin truly nails Slim’s essence in several passages, including this one:

“For years, I had been trying to figure out if Slim was lying or not. Remember that Amarillo Slim in a World of Fat People is a memoir.

“It's simply the stories Slim wants to remember — how he wants to remember them. Given that he's a hustler and a con man, I felt it was understood that Slim's truth doesn't necessarily reveal the truth.” 

2) Phil Hellmuth and Allen Kessler Square off with Tigers

Speaking of ego-driven poker players, two of poker’s most solipsistic pros, Phil Hellmuth and Allen Kessler, had an unintentional “Tiger-off” this week.

two tigers
Chainsaw ftw.

Hellmuth, true to his name-dropping raison d'être, tweeted a shot of himself playing some golf with Tiger Woods, brought about by Tiger’s participation in a charity poker tournament in Vegas last week.

Kessler, befitting his status in relation to Hellmuth, had a photo of him with a stuffed tiger in what we think is the Jacksonville BestBet casino tweeted by fellow pro Jonathan Little.

Comparing the pics on the right, we’d say it’s a clear victory for Kessler.

For one, the tiger in his photo is paying attention to the camera at least. And for two, Hellmuth’s golf swing is horrific yet still not bad enough to distract us from his Color Me Badd beard.

Kudos Allen Kessler! You’ve taken this week’s best “Poker Pro with a Tiger” photo!

3) Drawing Dead: Feature Length Due in 2012

You may have caught this mini-doc on the upsides and downsides of online poker last year, but with a full-length version due to come out in 2012 it’s worth a revisit.

In short: The film centers around two disparate experiences with online poker:

  • Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt, who used online poker to become a millionaire, and
  • Michael Korpi Jr, a violinist who was a "victim" of online poker, stole money from his roommate, lost it all, got kicked out of college and was in the process of walking to Boston from Seattle to speak at a problem gambling conference.

Not to trivialize his experience, but Korpi doesn't quite come off as a sympathetic or realistic version of the "problem gambler." Just our read from the clip though.

Check the 12-minute clip below; send feedback to director Mike Weeks on his Kickstarter page.

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