Daily 3-Bet: Simon Says, Tatjana Salutes, Dalla's WSOP

Tatjana Pasalic
Tatjana Pasalic: Asks for a favor.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a gigantic pair of frilly bloomers run up the flag pole on afternoon poker news' Bastille Day.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find an in-depth interview with Simpsons co-creator and poker lover Sam Simon, Tatjana Pasalic standing up for the American flag and Nolan Dalla recounting some more amazing memories from the greatest poker series of the modern era.

1) Sam Simon: One of the Great Check Writers of His Generation

Sam Simon
Sam Simon.

We’ll cut right to the chase on this one since Sam Simon is one of our all-time favorites here on PokerListings.

Not only is he the co-creator of the greatest TV show of all-time, The Simpsons (it’s not even close, so don’t bother to argue), he’s a regular poker player who’s spared us a few words when we’ve asked.

Simon also has terminal cancer. Doctors gave him 3-6 months to live about six months ago.

He’s still here, though. And he sat down with Marc Maron for an-in-depth chat on the popular WTF podcast, posted today.

He touches on poker briefly (and ex-wife Jennifer Tilly sits in on the whole interview) along with dozens of other topics (he grew up across the street from Groucho Marx and he's given most of his money away, seriously), and it’s a pretty great and funny and poignant interview.

As Maron says, Simon basically "won life." And it's hard to argue that.

We also get the impression he wants you to follow him @simonsam. Listen to the full interview here.

We salute you also.

2) Tatjana Pasalic: Looking for Freedom Help

This is only marginally connected to poker, really.

But we’ve never had any complaints about posting pictures of Bodog pro, popular poker hostess and significant other of poker pro McLean Karr, Tatjana Pasalic.

Also given the context of Sam Simon’s interview above, we figured it was reasonable to post a good pick-me-up.

Semi-transitioning to a career as a personal chef, she posted her latest food/promo shot today and asked for some help "adding a little more freedom" to it.

Stand up, America, and have at it here.

If you're interested in more photos of Pasalic, and we know you are because we see how many page views her posts get, check them out here and on her Twitter account here.

3) Dalla Pulls Curtain Back on WSOP

Heading into the 10-year anniversary of Chris Moneymaker’s win at the 2003 WSOP, we’re about to be inundated with “looking back” reflections on what his win has meant to poker.

Chris Moneymaker
Dalla does Moneymaker.

If you’re going to read just one thing about it, though, make it this series from legendary WSOP jack-of-all-trades Nolan Dalla.

There's no better source for great and twisted poker stories than Dalla and he’s delving in deep with his personal recollections of the history of the WSOP at Binion’s.

He’s up to Part 4 and it’s packed with gems from the bygone era, including a table-side La-Z-Boy and characters named Slimer and Jabber. An excerpt:

"We were scurrying around doing our prep work for the series when I ran into the poker office for something. Problem was, I couldn’t get inside the door.

"The office was jammed with people signing up. There were poker players lined up out the door. Many were wearing black shirts and hats with the same logo. There were about 40 of them. They were from an online site called PokerStars.com.

"It’s almost inconceivable to contemplate this today, in the modern poker era when many of the most skilled players in the world are 23-years-old.

"But ten years ago, online poker players were openly ridiculed. They weren’t even thought of as “real” poker players. They were pretenders."

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