Daily 3-Bet: Simao Joins Party, Harman’s Bitar Read, Kassouf Repeat

William Kassouf IMG 9148
Where will William Kassouf shove pocket kings into aces next?

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at a new partypoker signing, Jennifer Harman’s recent jab at former Full Tilt CEO Ray Bitar and the boisterous William Kassouf pulling a groundhog day at EPT Malta.

1) Jen Harman Questioned Ray Bitar as CEO

Someday someone is going to write an incredible tell-all book about the rise and fall of Full Tilt Poker.

It’s just a matter of when the people who were involved in the company are willing to talk.

Jennifer Harman
Jennifer Harman

That may be starting to happen as former FTP member Jen Harman went on Daniel Negreanu’s Full Contact Poker podcast yesterday and dropped a few knowledge bombs.

Perhaps the biggest reveal was that she had a bad feeling about disgraced CEO Ray Bitar from the very beginning.

In fact after meeting Bitar for the first time, Harman pulled Howard Lederer aside and said, “You’re kidding right? This is not our CEO.”

Harman did not think Bitar was competent at the time and said she was scared. Howard Lederer defended Bitar.

Harman said the team was kept in the dark and Negreanu actually knew more than she did at the time.

“They wanted us to keep representing Full Tilt in tournaments and I was like, ‘Bullshit, you need to pay back these players.”

Harman also alleged that certain members of Team Full Tilt tried to take control of the company during that period but it didn’t work out.

2) partypoker Signs Joao Simao

There are many markets where poker seems to have plateaued. Then there’s Brazil.

The South American country is in the midst of a poker boom so strong that mainstream celebs like Neymar Jr. have been signed by online poker sites and the WSOP is even hosting circuit events there now.

Joao Simao

Well partypoker is getting in on the fun by signing noted Brazilian grinder Joao Pires Simao.

Simao has over half a million in lifetime live tournament earnings and recently was a part of the underrated Sao Paulo Metropolitan squad that snagged a spot in the GPL playoffs.

His record is even more impressive online where he has amassed over $4.5m in online earnings with the majority coming under the famed screen name "INeedMassari".

Simao will represent partypoker at both the upcoming WSOPC event in Sao Paulo and the Caribbean Poker Party.

partypoker has been on a bit of a signing spree lately with Jackie Glazier and Beata “Wild-Hungarian” Jambrik joining the squad.

3) Kassouf Goes KK < AA Yet Again

Try as he might, William Kassouf just can’t talk himself out of being on the wrong side of kings versus aces.

Incredibly it happened yet again yesterday, this time at EPT Malta.

Kassouf was once again on the wrong side of aces and even used the “How far is it to Hollywood from here?” speech again.

OK, it was a little different this time around as Russian Vladimir Troyanovskiy was also in the hand with pocket deuces but the result was the same: Aces scoops the pot and Kassouf heads for the exit.

Say what you will about Kassouf but he takes bad beats well.

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