Daily 3-Bet: Shorr Chops, Crowe Flies, Adios PCA

Shannon Shorr

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Shannon Shorr reaping the benefits of his balanced and maturing lifestyle again, Shane Schleger waxing philosophic about the PCA success of his friend Owen Crowe and the poker hoards slowly tweeting their way home from the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

1) Shorr Chops $10k Turbo for Another $160k+


We’ve touched on the “reborn” Shannon Shorr a few times lately with his newfound lust for travel, an open mind and a growing maturity paying off in the form of several big scores over the last year.

A third-place in the $10k Six-Handed event at the WSOP, a win in the PokerStars Sunday 500 this fall ... the good results have begun to pile up again for one of the first online grinders to break through on the live scene.

Whatever mindset he’s found it just keeps on working for him as he banked another nice score at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

While most eyes were on Vanessa Selbst taking down the $25k High Roller for $1.4m, Shorr was quietly raking in $160k in the $10k Turbo side event.

Another nice result for Shorr, but of course the real question on everyone's minds was which Utah Jazz jersey he’s rocking.

If we were betting on it we would have guessed former University of Alabama swingman David Benoit, but it turned out to be Jeff Hornacek. Follow Shorr’s travels through the poker world on his personal blog.

2) Shaniac Muses on Crowe’s Big Payday

Owen Crowe
As the Crowe flies, according to Shaniac.

Always one of the more eloquent poker writers, Team PokerStars Online pro Shane Schleger took to his blog again to wax a bit on his friend Owen Crowe’s recent run in the PCA Main Event.

In case you missed it, Crowe earned a fifth-place finish for a very appealing sounding $435,000.

Without getting into Crowe’s personal finances, Schleger takes a bit of the shine off the vajazzle, so to speak, as he breaks down what a tournament pro who makes a big score really ends up taking home.

Sadly, as we all know, it's usually not quite as much as you hope and the line between “life-changing” money and a cash of little consequence can be a bit thinner than you think.

In short: pay jumps at the final table really, really, matter.

Schleger also recounts his seven-year friendship with Crowe and notes he made a bit of profit as he had 2% of Crowe’s action. As we've come to expect from Schleger it’s another cogent and interesting look at the life of a poker professional.

Read the full post here.

3) 10th Anniversary PCA Wraps; Exodus Begins

If you’ve never been to the PCA, you've don't have to speak with many poker players who have to discover it's certainly on the list of "must-have" poker experiences.

The prices are outrageous, sure, but as most pros and fans alike will tell you it’s still got a little something "extra" that’s hard to place.

With the final event of 2013 now in the books the poker world has begun to scatter to destinations worldwide, leaving behind a few tweets about what the trip has meant this time. Or, in some cases, how they're not quite ready to go:

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