Daily 3-Bet: Shaniac Swongs, Poker at 103, Sir Phillip Ivey

Shane Schleger
Team PokerStars Online pro Shane Schleger.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a three-wheeling Rascal ride through the psychedelic carpets of the poker news world.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find PokerStars pro Shane Schleger swinging through the month of February, a 103-year old poker player still going strong and Sir Phillip Ivey shows up in another poker meme.

1) The Ups and Downs of Being PokerStars Pro Shane Schleger


Want to know what a month in the life of a high-level online poker tournament pro is like?

Check out the graph posted by PokerStars Team Online Pro Shane Schleger on his twitter account today.

Schleger managed to get himself down about $26k after 530ish tourneys before winning around $24k in the next 20 or so to help him snap back on the road to even.

Goes to show at the higher end of the buy-in spectrum you can be in for a lot of variance before you bink the score you need to pay the bills each month.

Still, while being down $26k can’t be fun if you’re rolled properly and have the skills, that big, long straight spike is bound to come.

Capping off his month, Schleger says he'll be playing the $10k live LAPC Main Event starting this Friday.

PokerListings will be on the scene for some live reporting so check back on Friday for news and blogs.

2) If That’s What it Takes to Get a Taj Visor, We’ll Do It

Studies have been kicking around in the scientific community lately that show older people who keep their brains active can help ward off Alzheimers.

Specifically, card playing is highlighted as one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to do it.

A 2009 French study that included 5,000 participants has even shown that doing mental activities like playing cards twice a week led to a 50% risk reduction for all forms of dementia.

Bad ass visor, still going strong.

Andy Amatrudo is living proof.

Yesterday Amatrudo celebrated his 103rd birthday in the poker room at the Trump Taj Mahal, which he calls his “second home.”

“I’ve lived next door and I’m here every day, seven days a week,” Amatrudo told NBC10 Philadelphia. “I get charged up when I play cards, it keeps me going, I love to play poker!”

Amatrudo says he’s been playing cards since he was eight or nine years old. He takes no medication at all at 103 and he's still as sharp as ever - including at the tables.

As one player says, "When he raises he's got the goods.”

We should all be so lucky. Happy birthday Andy.

3) 12 Hours in an Underground Card Room with Paul Pierce

Keeping to our theme of being 2-3 months (or years as the case may be) behind on Internet memes, we found this one yesterday.

The "Shit XXXX Says" idea was played out before it even started but somehow Johnny Fondue here managed to squeeze a bit of smirk-worthy comedy out of it.

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