Daily 3-Bet: Shakerchi Sizzle, ISPT Fly-By, Nicest WSOP Ever

Michael Mizrachi
If you love an airborne Grinder, you'll love ISPT videos.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a tap on the table and a respectful "nice hand" addressed to the cocky-but-oblivious afternoon poker news donkey.

Any tips for a future 3-Bet, feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find hedge fund manager Talal Shakerchi creating a buzz in the UK media with his Monaco cash-game losses, the ISPT continuing its cryptic line of promotion for the upcoming event at Wembley Stadium and Katie Dozier putting her money where her heart is for the upcoming WSOP.

1) Shakerchi's €1m Loss Causes Stir in UK Media

Talal Shakerchi
UK media loves a big loss.

We mentioned Isaac Haxton's €1m win in the big EPT cash game in the 3-Bet yesterday and only casually touched on the fact most of that money came from the pockets of Talal Shakerchi.

For a famed hedge fund manager in the UK worth an estimated £100 million, it didn't really seem like the most notable aspect of the game tbh.

It sparked a bit of interest in the UK media, though, as at least a half dozen sites reported on the "blowing" of said €1m in an "unofficial game" in Monaco - and in just one day no less!

A bit of a salacious take on basically a standard high-stakes cash game, although maybe we've just grown numb to the massive numbers tossed about on a regular basis in the poker world.

For the record Shakerchi didn't even donk it off in remarkable fashion -- just simply ran bad in a few spots and that was that.

Given the size of his bankroll we expect Shakerchi wasn't particularly shaken by the loss. Check out a few of the "scanadalous" reports here and here.

2) ISPT Pros Fly in Jets; Still Unclear What It Has to Do with Event

We won't go into all of the backstory with the International Stadiums Poker Tour and its peculiar marketing again, but suffice to say it remains unusual.

After posting a video of the ISPT team sky-diving "into" Wembley a couple of weeks ago, a new sponsored pros flying around in fighter jets  - "into Wembley" ostensibly - video was posted today.

"Something is About to Change the Poker Gravity" is the tagline, and while it doesn't make great sense we guess it's still an improvement on "We Wemplay."

If you're into watching Michael Mizrachi doing air-based things, it's another banner day for you:

3) Dozier Offers Free 1% WSOP Sweat to Be Nice

Being nice pays, says Dozier.

Want a free 1% sweat of a very strong player's WSOP Main Event action this summer?

All you have to do is agree to be nice at the table. Oh, and quit talking strategy at the table too.

Inspired by the Kara Scott "Don't Be a Dick" blog we mentioned yesterday, online grinder Katie "hotjenny314" Dozier has put her money where her heart is and offered some encouragement to make this "the nicest WSOP ever."

Hoping to discourage bullying at the table and tipping bad players to better strategy, Dozier offered this sweat in her latest CardPlayer blog post:

"If you agree to stand up for recreational players being berated by winning players at the table, and to avoid discussing optimal game strategy on the felt, please post your name below.

"I will pick one of the posters at random to get a free 1% sweat of my WSOP Main Event action this year!+

"Together, we can make poker a friendlier game at the WSOP this summer! :)"

Read the full post and enter the contest right here.

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