Daily 3-Bet: $2m Odds Couple, Sexiest Poker Chip, 3-2-1 Draft Off

Jason Koon3
Knows a nice chip when he sees it.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a tense war room, a fine-tuned draft board and a spontaneous roar when the #1 afternoon poker news sleeper falls in your lap.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Jason Koon sharing a love for plaques, a tougher sweat for Vanessa Selbst than first imagined and the imminent arrival of the Global Poker League draft.

1) 200-1 a Steal for Polish Whiz Kid

Last month during a drunken evening at the PCA Vanessa Selbst and Dzmitry Urbanovich agreed to a bracelet bet for this summer's WSOP that opened a few eyes.


The terms: Selbst gave Urbanovich 200-1 odds on $10k he won't win three bracelets in Vegas. If he does, she'll pay him $2m.

They've both since elaborated on how the bet (and odds number) came about and Selbst detailed her plan to sell action before the third bracelet run if Urbanovich by chance has already won two.

Since only six people have ever won three bracelets in one Series (Puggy Pearson, Phil Hellmuth, Ted Forrest, Phil Ivey, Jeff Lisandro, George Danzer) it seems a (very) long shot a major sweat for Selbst will come into play.

Then again ... this is the same guy who won 4 events outright at EPT Malta and just locked down his first EPT main event crown in Dublin.

What would the odds be if they were to set the bet again today? Slightly different, we'd guess. Here's hoping things get interesting early in Vegas.

2) And the Sexiest Chip Goes To ...

We love nice poker chips. And we fall asleep dreaming of thumbing poker plaques with big numbers on them in a tuxedo someplace fancy.

It's fitting on the eve of the American Poker Awards, then, we were drawn to the idea of the "Sexiest Poker Chip" award, as suggested on Instagram by Jason Koon from the Wynn poker room in Macau:


For the record 500,000 HKD is roughly $65k USD. What's the sexiest chip you've ever seen?

3) Here Comes the Global Poker League

In case you've been living with the Yanomamo or off poker Twitter for the past two years or so the inaugural Global Poker League Draft arrives tomorrow in Los Angeles.

It's sandwiched between the American Poker Conference and the American Poker Awards, but unless you're on a panel or up for an award yourself, the Draft is by far the marquee event of the day.

Managers are preparing their strategies, players are lobbying to be picked and the Tweet buzz is well, buzzing. The obvious first pick is Mustapha Kanit to the Rome Emperors but after that, all bets are off.

There might even be some very disappointed poker superstars. Action starts at 1:30 pm PT tomorrow and you can watch it all streaming live on the Global Poker League Twitch channel below:

You can also follow it via Live Tweet and in German on Jan Heitmann's Twitch channel, too.

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