Daily 3-Bet: Sexbok Plot, Isildur Romp, Ultimate Ship

Chazman makes history.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a coast-to-coast, cloak-and-dagger sting that foils the ill-advised evil plot of the afternoon poker news supervillain.

Any tips or ideas for a future 3-Bet (ie underreported/interesting poker tidbits), drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find an in-depth exposition of the Joe Sebok/poker pro “sextortion” plot, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom putting another near $1m thumping on Ben “bttech86” Tollerene and the winner of the very first licensed online poker hand dealt in Nevada.

1) How the FBI Cracked the Sebok “Sextortion” Case

Daniel Negreanu
Negreanu; The other man?

So if you read the piece we posted last week about Joe Sebok’s “naked photo” sextortion case and thought, “I wish I could read more about this in intimate detail,” today is your lucky day.

Given it seems like a minor case (sure, it’s extortion, but exposing some dick pics seems, you know, relatively innocuous), the FBI went at it pretty aggressively according to an in-depth report posted by Nate Anderson of ARStechnica yesterday.

Drawing on publicly available court transcripts of FBI interviews with the perpetrators and FBI affidavits, Anderson breaks it down from beginning to end with plenty of dramatization.

Why was it looked at so deeply? Well, we're still not sure. But there are some interesting details including another $26k extorted from other poker players and a tangential Daniel Negreanu appearance as Amanda Leatherman's "new boyfriend."

Also interesting are the wildly variable numbers the crack extortionists were looking to score, from $100k to $1m to just $800. And that Sebok still used Hotmail. Seems about right, we guess. Check the full piece here.

2) Isildur1 Thumps Tollerene for Another $750k

Viktor Blom
Isildur: Ultimate tilt tester.

So, we were undeniably impressed last week with this Ben "bttech86" Tollerene interview where he talked about dropping $1.7 million in a single session against Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and not going on tilt.

If it was us and we had lost $1,700 we probably would have thrown our laptop in the aquarium and punched a hole in the side of our Buick station wagon. Again, just a couple of the differences that separate us from, you know, the greatest players in the world.

We wonder if Tollerene is having a tougher time staying in his happy place though after another tough session against Blom last night.

After winning most of that $1.7m back and posting a few winning sessions earlier in the week, Isildur1 did what Isildur1 does and took Tollerene to town for $750k in just 514 hands last night.

According to highstakesdb, Blom was running a bit above EV but was mostly getting it in good and Tollerene was pushing lighter as the session progressed.

We assume the war between the two is far from over, but for today at least Isildur has the edge. More on last night's session here.

3) Chazman Ships First Real-Money Pot in Nevada

Ok, technically it's not the first "real-money" hand dealt in Nevada. But it is the first hand in a new, licensed and legitimized poker era in the US. Congrats to "chazman."

May there be many, many more. More on the groundbreaking day here.

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