Daily 3-Bet: Sergio Slacks, Jaka Stacks, Duhamel Payback

Sergio Garcia
Sergio: Slow player.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a quick-hit compendium of three poker “news” stories of the recent past that deserve a second glance.

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Today in the 3-Bet we serve up a PCA Tweet special with Sergio Garcia’s slow play, Faraz Jaka’s massive stack and Jonathan Duhamel’s new year shaping up much better than his Christmas.

1) Sergio Rising, But Not Fast

Slow play has always been an issue on the PGA tour.

Shane Schleger
Not up on his golfers.

Lining up shots. Lining up putts. Testing the wind. Re-testing the wind. Picking a club. Re-picking a club. Wiggling. Etc.

Much like in poker, it can be a drag for other players if someone takes too much time on a decision.

PGA superstar Sergio Garcia has never been known as a fast golfer, and it looks like he’s carried that tradition over to the poker table at the PCA.

PokerStars Team Online pro Shane Schleger, who actually had no idea who Garcia was, tweeted that he’s not the fastest decision maker at the felt either:

Apparently Sergio Garcia is a world famous golfer known for playing very slow at the tee. He plays poker very slowly too.

Whatever pace Garcia’s using seems to be working though, as Schleger has busted on Day 3 and Garcia just outraced recent Epic Poker winner Chris Klodnicki in a big hand to jump up to 350k.

Follow Garcia's progress toward the final table on the PokerStars blog.

2) Jaka’s Stack Dwarfs All

Jaka's stacks, photo by Chris Klodnicki

Never let it be said we don’t like a good picture of a big chip stack.

Regardless of the circumstances, or how boring it might seeem, it just brings us joy to see a giant stack and know that a) it’s possible and b) one day it could be ours.

Faraz Jaka had the kind of day poker players wait years for yesterday at the PCA, crushing all that dared play a hand with him to build up a huge stack heading into Day 3.

Recent Epic Poker winner Chris Klodnicki, who’s no stranger to building up massive stacks of his own, was impressed enough to tweet a shot of Jaka's stack in comparison to his as they bagged up chips last night.

As of press time they’re both still in the tournament though, with Jaka up to 1.2 million and Klodnicki around 250k, so anything can happen.

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3) Duhamel’s New Year More Profitable Than His Christmas Holidays

Jon Duhamel
Payback is sweet.

Jonathan Duhamel wrapped up 2012 in pretty much the worst fashion possible.

He was attacked, beaten, threatened with death and robbed in his own home by what he thought were delivery men dropping off Christmas gifts.

They took his 2010 WSOP Main Event bracelet, an engraved Rolex watch and over $100k of his cash.

Even worse, it was his ex-girlfriend that set the whole thing up.

Showing that people tend to get what they're due, as his ex was denied bail in a hearing today in Montreal, Duhamel is busy in the Caribbean doing what he does best – cashing in poker tournaments.

He’s made the money in three out of the four tournaments he’s played, most importantly the $100k High Roller, meaning he gets the ultimate last laugh.

Duhamel’s latest tweet from the side event he’s making a run in:

In the money, 3/4 in the money here in Bahamas so far! 16 left and I got a lot of chips!

He's still looking for his WSOP bracelet though, so any tips send to the Longeuil police via this form.

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Hank 2012-01-10 22:58:28

And good for Duhamel. He deserves some good luck.

Hank 2012-01-10 22:57:33

Impressive run by Sergio. I would take a lot of time too if I was playing all of these pros at their own game. See how long they would take playing golf with Garcia for money.

3BetKid 2012-01-10 15:15:47

Shanic ftw

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