Daily 3-Bet: Selbst Tilts, Pollack Rises, Negreanu Rebuilds

Vanessa Selbst
Vanessa Selbst

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Vanessa Selbst opening up about her tilt problem, Jeffrey Pollack resurfacing in the poker world (maybe) and Daniel Negreanu rebuilding his $100k bankroll challenge.

1) Vanessa Selbst Might Win Every Tournament One Day

Vanessa Selbst and the Bracelet
With tilt under control, she could win everything.

Vanessa Selbst has won a lot of huge, high-stakes poker tournaments.

Two open World Series of Poker tournaments. Back-to-back NAPT titles. The Partouche Poker Tour Main Event. In all, over $5 million in live tournament earnings.

Now imagine how many tournaments she'd win if she gets her self-professed tilt issues sorted out

In a revealing new blog post, Selbst explains just how much how her tilt problem has kept her from playing her best at key times:

“I think what it comes down to is for whatever reason, I sometimes just ignore my instincts and make the wrong play, even though I know in my gut, deep down, that the play is wrong. 

“In Premier League, I played two big pots where I told myself I would fold the turn and river, respectively. In both, I ignored the plan and called down to the river. 

“Why? Well, it’s a form of tilt, really – I just didn’t want to lose those pots and my actions and emotions got the better of my brain.”

If she does play her A+ game though (which she only manages about 10% of the time), Selbst says she feels unstoppable. We might have to agree, as Selbst says she made a few fixes this summer and truly got closer to that A+ game more often.

The result? A fourth-place finish for $160k, a bracelet in the 10-Game Mixed and a very deep Main Event run (73rd). Look out, poker.

2) Jeffrey Pollack May Surface Again in Poker World

Jeffrey Pollack
Can't stop won't stop.

As a central figure in the epic fail that was the Epic Poker League, Jeffrey Pollack is not a name that sits well with a lot of professional poker players right now.

He burned a few bridges with that crowd when he was the Commissioner of the World Series of Poker, too, but he really made some enemies with the Epic debacle.

Shorting poker players on a $1 million freeroll and aligning yourself with one of the most disliked people in poker, Annie Duke, will do that to you.

To cap it off he pissed off the E.F. Hutton of poker, Daniel Negreanu, who, to say the least, is not a Pollack fan.

So rumors that he found another job at all - let alone rumors it might be a job in poker - are, well, stunning.

But so says the Wicked Chops Insider. According to them, Pollack is rumored to be back – or about to be back - on the poker payroll in some capacity for William Hill Poker.

The full article is behind the Insider paywall, but if you have $3.99 it’s all yours.

We feel a Negreanu rant coming on though, regardless ...

3) Daniel Negreanu Resurrects $100k Bankroll Challenge

Daniel Negreanu
$1 mill, 5c/10c ... what's the difference.

Speaking of Jeffrey Pollack’s mortal enemy, now that Daniel Negreanu is out of the US for the near future he’s decided to pick up on his long-forgotten $100k online bankroll challenge.

Started up in 2009, Negreanu planned to take $10 and run it up to $100,000, Jesus Ferguson-style, with a strict set of rules for his bankroll.

Given the state of online poker in the US since then, needless to say Negreanu didn't make it too far in his first go round.

He's back at it, though, and challenge details can be found on the original Full Contact Poker thread. Negreanu posted a new update to the rules/agenda this weekend.

So far it looks like he’s run his $10 up to about $211, giving him a bankroll of $44.35 for his next session.

When his bankroll hits $50 he says he’s going to jump up to 5c/10c.

Why’s the most popular pro in poker -- one who can play $1 million buy-in events if he chooses -- torturing himself like this?

“Should be kind of fun and it will help me have a better understanding for these lower limit games and the best approach to beating them."

Best of luck, Kid Poker. How and why low-stakes poker players do what they do is a Nicholas Cage-level mystery.

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