Daily 3-Bet: Selbst Nod-Off, DNegs Display, Google Glass Hustle

Vanessa Selbst
Didn't know hockey games went on forever.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a cushy seat, a puffy jacket and an immortalized booze-fueled guest spot on the afternoon poker news fan cam.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Vanessa Selbst paying the price for a few too many beers at a hockey game, Daniel Negreanu finally showcasing the fruits of his poker career and just how helpful (or unhelpful) Google Glass might be for your poker game.

1) Selbst Nods Off at Habs Game, Makes Sportsnet

Poker fans in Canada had a good laugh this weekend when Vanessa Selbst popped up on the Leafs-Habs recap as a familiar hockey game character - the passed-out fan. Watch the video here.

2) Negreanu Puts WSOP Bracelets on Display

So apparently when you have four WSOP bracelets, you just kind of stuff them in a drawer somewhere for later use.

When you jump up to six, though? Blammo. Display-case time, along with one of the sweetest poker group shots we've ever seen:

3) Google Glass "Delightful, Dangerous" Holdem Accessory

google glass

There's been a lot of speculative talk about the forthcoming Google Glass and its potential repercussions for cheating - in particular at schools and casinos.

It's already been banned from casinos in most states (although enforcement might be questionable so far). But what about, say, the implications for your local poker home game?

Esquire magazine editor-at-large AJ Jacobs tested out that exact concept for an interesting new article about GG's unintended uses and the results were, surprisingly, pretty impressive.

Streaming live video with his hole cards to a poker pro cousin in Vegas who helped him play his hands, Jacobs actually managed to triple his buy-in to $200 before revealing his secret and returning the money.

Granted you're probably only to ever get one shot at pulling this off (or maybe none, now), but still. Jacobs' conclusion:

"Poker verdict: delightful. Dangerous."

Read the full piece here.

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